Haikyuu! Movie 2024 Updates: “Decisive battle at the garbage dump”

Haikyuu!! Movie: Release date in India, trailer, Plot details, and everything you need to know about!

Haikyuu!! The movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump in Japanese Gekijouban Haikyuu!! Gomisuteba no Kessenis an animated movie that continues the thrilling story of the Karasuno High School volleyball team. The movie will bring the two long-time rivals karasuno and Nekama to be in court against each other once again. Fans were eagerly waiting for this movie to come out for months, but unfortunately, the movie is now only released in Japanese theaters on 16, February 2024. But there’s no need to be disappointed because the movie will soon be released. when? scroll down to know when it will be released in other countries and where to watch it.


Poster of Haikyuu Movie: Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump (2024)

Release date:

The Movie has already been released in Japanese Theaters on 16, February and for now, there’s no news about when it will be released globally but is expected to be released in other countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and India towards the summer of 2024. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the movie might stream globally on platforms like Crunchyroll.

However, fans can keep updated on anime on potential streaming platforms or theatrical releases. Let’s hope that we will get to see the movie soon!

Haikyuu has a strong international fanbase, so we might get to see the movie sooner than we expect.




Official trailer

Here, is the first trailer of the movie that has been released by TOHO Animation although it doesn’t have English subtitles and is only available in Japanese.

But any Haikyuu fans will be able to guess a little bit of what they are saying. It’s a clip combining the recaps of the fourth season’s last episodes and some glimpses of the movie itself, which makes the fans more excited for the film’s release.



Just them being themselves


Haikyuu!! the Final Movie will continue where the fourth season was left off where karasuno has made it to the third round of nationals. The team victory against Tsubakihara and the Inarazaki High School led by the dynamic Miya Brothers, have tossed them to the third round. Setting the stage for a fierce face-off against familiar rivals, Nekoma High School.

The movie introduces an additional layer of excitement to see the fledging rivalry between Hinata and Nekoma’s reserved setter, Kenma. Their transition from being friends to rivals adds an emotional depth to the intense battle and story.

After this intense battle, they’ll go up against Kamomedai a new rival introduced in Season 4. This movie will be more of an emotional and thrilling match as they strive for victory.  The movie will adapt the manga chapters from chapter 291 and should probably go up to chapter 325, a significant segment of the national arc.




Haikyuu final movie

As for the cast, all the main characters are said to make an appearance in the new movie. So, there is no need to be disappointed because you’ll get to see all the members. Anyway, here is the list of the top casts of Haikyuu and their voice actors:

Shoyo Hinata – VA – Ayumu Murase

Tobio Kageyama –VA– Kaito Ishikawa

Kenma Kozume –VA– Yuki Kaji

Tetsuro Kuroo –VA– Yuichi Nakamura

Kei Tsukishima –VA– Koki Uchiyama

and there are other casting characters too, who will be in the movie like Nishinoya, and Daichi.



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All four seasons of Haikyuu!! are currently available to stream on Crunchyroll, so you can catch up on the episodes that you’ve not watched yet.

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