How to Master Nindo, the Massive Open World Naruto Fan Game

If you’re looking for the best open-world Naruto game, go no further than this one. Everyone who takes a look at Nindo says it’s exactly what they hoped Shinobi Striker would be. The game continues to improve with each new update, and I have no idea how they do it.

The ambition of every Naruto fan has been to play a game where they may explore the world of the series, complete quests, and fight ninjas in a manner faithful to the anime.

Developed by fans, Nindo: Shinobi War is an open world role-playing game set in the Naruto universe. Online co-op play allows for the testing of new jutsu with pals.

Nindo environment
Nindo environment

It’s incredible to see how far the game has come from its single creator, a YouTuber who goes by the name Akyet.

Since he doesn’t own the Naruto franchise, it may always be a fan creation. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’ll figure out how to make this masterpiece available to everyone.

1. When & Where to Download Nindo: Shinobi War

I’d sell my soul to the devil for a copy of this game. Despite Akyet’s claims that it’s free, some are willing to pay for it in order to show their appreciation to the developer.

Neither a release date nor a mechanism to sign up as a beta tester have been announced for Nindo: Shinobi War just yet. There is currently no public download for the game.

It’s terrible, I know. I’ve been holding my breath in the hopes of a sudden release, but it looks like I may be waiting a while.

We must wait for the programmer’s completion with patience. This game is well worth the wait, as good things often come to those who wait.

2. Gameplay Footage

Akyet’s YouTube account features videos of him doing everything from practicing jutsu and hand signals to experimenting with new emote motions. The changes he has made in the past year are incredible to witness and well worth your time.

You can join his Discord server, where he regularly shares video clips, gameplay images, and other news about the game. Feel free to check out Akyet’s Patreon if the buzz has piqued your interest in his work.

3. Gameplay Mechanics

There are always new versions of the game available, therefore the content is perpetually evolving. Now that we have three separate positions for characters to fill, we can pick whatever we like best!

 I. Customization

There’s a ton of room for personalization in Nindo: Shinobi War, from picking your starting village and clan to picking your initial nature release (fire, water, earth, lightning, or air).

You can alter your eyebrows, jawline, nose, and eye shape, as well as experiment with a wide variety of haircuts and hair colors.

Nindo Customization Screen
Nindo Customization Screen

What’s more, the Rinnegan, Sharingan, and other types of eyes can be equipped as well! Furthermore, you may give your character a one-of-a-kind look with a variety of interesting facial markings, as well as other accessories like headbands and masks.

 II.  Missions & Stats

Once you’ve finished making your avatar, you’re ready to head into class!

In Nindo: Shinobi War, you’ll need to visit the mission acceptance room to select a mission. Missions range in difficulty from the lowest D-Rank ones involving finding a lost kitten to the most difficult A-Rank ones involving retrieving a town scroll.

Mission acceptance room Nindo
Mission acceptance room Nindo

Return to the same room once the assignment is complete to collect your cash and Renown Points.

Your character’s stats, such as Renown, mission rankings, HP, stamina, chakra, reserves, KO counter, and money, are updated in real time while you play.

Learned Nature Releases can be viewed in the Mastery tab alongside your Main Mastery Stats and Sub Mastery Stats.

In the Training area, you can learn more about the various masteries, such as Ninjutsu Mastery, which allows you to weave hand signals more quickly, Taijutsu Mastery, which allows you to dash directly to your opponent, and Genjutsu Mastery, which allows you to avoid getting trapped in a genjutsu.

 III.  Exploration

The level of discovery is through the roof. It’s incredible that there’s so much to do and explore in a multiplayer setting. Visiting the villages, and especially Konoha, is like going back in time. Feelings of longing and happiness are evoked.

Constantly, random NPCs go about their business. And if you want to learn more ninjutsu moves, there are masters all over the place to help you out.

You can gain access to them by having both enough Ninjutsu Mastery and sufficient funds on hand. You can buy kunai, shuriken, and explosive tags from a nearby shop.

In Nindo: Shinobi War, there are dummies available for practice. And when you need a break, you can have a bowl of Ichiraku Ramen’s wonderful ramen for about $20 at the renowned Ichiraku Ramen shop.

Ichiraku Ramen Nindo
Ichiraku Ramen Nindo

You can find some fantastic garments in the shop’s racks. Next door is a weapons shop, so you may go on any task fully armed.

There’s also the rest of the Sand Nation to discover if you’re feeling really daring, though it’s not quite as exciting as Konoha.

 IV. Combat

Combat is the meat and potatoes of this game, so let’s discuss that. I haven’t seen a game, even one designed by professionals, that offers such a wide variety of powers as this one does.

Nindo: Shinobi War has exciting and varied battles thanks to a wide variety of tools at your disposal, from whirlpools and lightning attacks to walls and obstacles.

Nindo combat gameplay
Nindo combat gameplay

Bandits are a constant threat in the woods. They will immediately attack upon spotting you, but the ensuing fight will be well worth the effort. Defeating them will earn you Renown and financial rewards.

The boss fight against Minato is unparalleled. He is so powerful that he won’t even let you off the hook. After dying, you can be brought back to life up to four times. However, if you lose the struggle after five consecutive deaths, you will be admitted to the hospital.

The “I’m stuck” option in the game’s menu is there to help you out if you ever get stuck. You’ll be reborn in a hospital with full health.

4. Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto created the world of Naruto in his comic series. Beginning on September 21, 1999, it ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump until November 10, 2014. There are 72 tankbon volumes of the manga.

In the second half of the anime, titled Naruto Shippuden, an older Naruto tries to rescue his comrade Sasuke while also dealing with the threat posed by the criminal group Akatsuki, which has its sights set on him as part of a larger plot.