Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: No More Weekly Releases! Read The Writer’s Statements

Hiatuses are commonplace in manga, as are they. However, they can still be upsetting to readers who have put in both time and emotion into the novel. As fans are left wondering what will happen to their favorite characters and where the plot is going, it can be difficult to remain patient. Here are the most recent changes made to Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401 by the author.

Since its inception in 1998, the Hunter X Hunter series has been put on hold several times. This current break started sometime in 2018. Additionally, in 2022 the manga resumed publication after an absence of four years. Therefore, read on to learn more.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: Has The Manga Taken Another Hiatus?

Chapter 401 of Hunter X Hunter was put on hold once more in 2022. Togashi, the inventor, stated that he could not continue the weekly release schedule because of health problems. Because of this, the manga has been absent from Shonen Jump for a considerable amount of time. When the manga will resume publishing is a question on the minds of the fans. Many people see it as more than simply a kind of entertainment.

Their emotions and thoughts have been deeply moved by the narrative. Even Nevertheless, the editorial staff has committed to stand behind Togashi until the end of the coda. No information on when or how the manga will resume its run has been made public. As a result, followers are looking forward to further information on the subject. They anticipate Togashi’s recovery will allow him to complete the manga.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: What Happens Next?

Many threads from the series’ history will come together in Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401. With Tubeppa on his side, Kurapik might expect some rewards. So, he’ll delegate Bill to work out the details of their agreement. Likewise, Nobunaga and Franklin won’t be able to find each other again. Their plans will be disrupted by an unforeseen event. A storyline twist will show that Franklin is the target of an assassination attempt. And now he is independently traveling.

Hisoka, in an unexpected change of events, will encounter Illumy. And they’ll have a little chit-chat about how things are doing with the group right now. This might easily lead to an all-out brawl between the two of them. Meanwhile, Izunavi’s princess would sacrifice herself to end the succession conflict, leading to his death. She plans to ask Kurapika and company for assistance. The expedition crew will also play a role in the plot again. And it will provide new information on the whereabouts of the long-lost Pariston and Ging.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401

Morena, on the other hand, will eliminate one of the powerful adversarial families. Hingrigh’s warming attitude toward Nobunaga will raise warning flags if this happens. Additionally, Benjamin’s royal army will attempt to conquer the force protecting Fugetsu. If someone with immunity were to perish, however, the scheme would backfire. This will cause serious issues aboard the ship and may draw the Hunter association into the succession struggle.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401: Publication Date

It’s possible that 2023 may see the release of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 401. Togashi, on the other hand, is notorious for taking pauses that are longer than the Hunter Exam. No one knows for sure when it will be released. Read the manga on Viz Media for now. However, you could always simply be as patient as a Nen user and wait it out!