I Would Die If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan Film Premieres This Year! 

If you’ve ever been a fan of a pop idol group, you’ll find a lot to relate to in this movie. There’s a lot of anticipation for the upcoming If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan, I Would Die film. People are already clapping and cheering because of the adaption. The premiere of this film will also make 2018 a banner year. Eripoyo is returning to gush over her favorite singer Maina once again. Even more exciting for fans is the return of Eripoyo herself.

A live-action TV drama was broadcast between October and December 2022, following the anime adaption that aired in 2020. The drama and the anime were both well-received by audiences in Japan and around the world. Because of the series’ massive following, it’s safe to assume that the new movie will be universally adored. Can you even begin to describe your anticipation for this movie?

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan, I Would Die

Official Announcement for “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to Budokan, I Would Die” Film

On Wednesday, it was revealed that a live-action adaptation of Auri Hirao’s manga would be released. The birthday of Maina Ichii, a member of the idol group ChamJam whom Eripoyo adores, was the occasion for the news. One of the photos from the moment, which shows Eripoyo putting her hand on Maina’s life-size standee’s shoulder, was shared on the project’s official Twitter account. Not only that, but Sayuri Matsumura, who plays the title character, Eripoyo, in the original Japanese version, will be back for more. In addition to Riho Nakamura, MOMO, KANO, and others from the original cast will be back for the second season.

The film’s original director, Kentaro Otani, is also coming back to helm it. Screenwriter Kumiko Motoyama is also coming back to continue working on the project. The film’s score will also feature music composed by Moe Hyuga. In addition, the Eripoyo actor has revealed that the film will serve as the first public performance of a previously unreleased song by ChamJam.

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan, I Would Die

What Is the Story of the Film?

The film is based on the yuri manga of the same name, which is a comedy about a group of underground idols. The video will supposedly be on the impending concert of the idol group ChamJam in Tokyo, as has been previously reported. The protagonist, Maina, of the film is a member of the band ChamJam who worries that she doesn’t have the charisma or talent to be an idol. Eripoyo, the story’s protagonist, is featured prominently. It just so happens that she’s a huge fan of the idol quartet.

If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan, I Would Die

Film: “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It To Budokan, I Would Die.” Date of Publication

The film is scheduled for release on May 12, 2023, and will undoubtedly brighten up the springtime. Do you plan on seeing this movie when it comes out? Feel free to express your thinking in the comment box below!