In Ao Ashi, Who Is Fukuda Tatsuya?

An enigma, Fukuda Tatsuya coaches the Tokyo City Esperion FC youth team. He’s responsible for bringing on board such star players as Ashito Aoi and Keiji Togashi. Members of the club at large covet spots on Team-A, the elite group that receives personal instruction from Fukuda.

For his ideal, he is the ideal manager and coach. He has good intentions behind every choice he makes, and he knows they’ll all bring him to his ideal group of teammates.

In the anime, we got brief views of coach Fukuda, a star player with a bright future ahead of him on the football field. Then why did he suddenly decide to stop playing football at the professional level? Where did his path to coaching at Esperion begin? So, why is he such a respected trainer?

Let’s go into the history and character of Fukuda Tatsuya, one of our favorite characters in Ao Ashi.

Professions Prior to Coaching

The anime implies that Fukuda had a distinguished playing career in football before transitioning to coaching. He went to Tokyo’s Kokudokan High School after being born on Ehime. Right here is where, at the tender age of 18, he signed on with the Tokyo City Esperion FC of the Japanese Professional Football League. At the age of 20, he finally settled in as a regular.

Ao Ashi

After 23 years with the Japanese national team, the skilled midfielder decided to pursue his career elsewhere. Sabadell FC has officially signed him. It has recently been promoted to La Liga, Spain’s top league.

There, he encountered additional obstacles including language barriers and prejudice. He triumphed thanks to his skill and persistence. While living in Spain, he discovered that he had a natural talent for instructing football.

A major injury soon after ended any hopes he had of staying in the professional football league. He just wasn’t himself on the field anymore. After a successful career that included stops on second-tier teams in Paraguay and Mexico, he called it quits.

Fukudu is often compared to other great players of the era, such as Haruhisa Kuribayashi, and he is widely regarded as unique. His stepsister Hana sees echoes of him in Ashito Aoi’s play.

Coach Fukuda: What distinguishes him?

Fukuda is a very skilled individual. But what truly sets him apart is his uncanny ability to spot a gem in the rough. When he finds Ashito Aoi, this becomes readily apparent. Fukuda was in Ehime for Ashito’s last junior high game, but he was there to pay his father’s respects.

As a diversion, he decided to watch that match. He taught Ashito a unique technique on a whim. When he learned that Ahito could play every position on the field, he knew he had found the player to round out his ideal roster.

That describes Aoi Ashito at the moment. Observational skills like Fukuda’s were crucial.

Ao Ashi

Always, even if it isn’t obvious to others around him, he bases his judgments on logic. The Esperion players were perplexed by Ashito’s presence on the team, given that he lacked even the most fundamental understanding of the sport.

At times, Fukuda’s methods of getting things done raise eyebrows. This was seen when Ashito was relegated to the role of fullback despite his obvious preference for playing forward.

Fukuda has a keen understanding of his pupils’ individual requirements. He knows exactly when to give them a nudge to help them reach their full athletic potential. As a result of this, even exceptional players like Kuribayashi hold him in the highest regard. Being a genius himself, he naturally has a good grasp on how to guide budding stars.

Fukuda Tatsuya’s Vision for Esperion’s Future

Fukuda, as was noted before, has a mental picture of his perfect squad. The best players on the squad seem to be aware of this, and they want to be a part of it with all their hearts thanks to Fukuda’s leadership.

From the beginning, his goal has been to make Esperion the greatest club in the world. However, it is not all he plans to do. Fukuda wants to lead Japan’s national team to the World Cup, one of several possible football tournaments.

All things considered, Fukuda Tatsuya is an integral part of the Ao Ashi narrative. Achieving one’s full potential is impossible without him, even for genius athletes.

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