In the conclusion of Tokyo Revengers, does Takemichi save everybody?

Takemichi’s first motivation in the show is to secure the safety of Hina. However, as he grows closer to the other members of the Toman, he realizes that he must also save them.

More than half of the series’ prominent characters are killed off at some point in Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi makes several futile attempts to save them throughout all timelines.

In the end of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi did end up saving everyone. Takemichi accomplishes this during the Kanto Manji storyline by teaming up with Mikey to become Toman and taking up the mission to defend everyone.

Watch the last scene of Tokyo Revengers to see how Takemichi saves the lives of his girlfriend and best buddies.

You have been warned that this page contains spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga.

1. Can Takemichi prevent Hinata Tachibana from dying?

Takemichi is unable to save Hina in the vast majority of alternate histories. Kisaki constantly manages to trap her in his web.

Takemichi tries to kill Kisaki to protect Hina after realizing that Kisaki is the true killer in this case. Fortunately, Kisaki is killed in an accident during the Tenjiku arc. If he doesn’t die, Hina won’t die in any alternate timelines.

During the 18th time jump, a resurrected Hina dragged Takemichi about
During the 18th time jump, a resurrected Hina dragged Takemichi about

2. Is Takemichi able to save Mikey?

Only Mikey survived from the first timeline. But his fate is changed as Takemichi begins to influence the course of events to transform Hina.

Once Naoto and Takeichi learn that Mikey has murdered every member of the Toman in the 14th time jump, they set out for Manila to track him down. Naoto shoots him after he threatens to murder Takemichi at their eventual meeting.

Mikey passes away in Takemichi's arms
Mikey passes away in Takemichi’s arms

Takemichi learns that if he truly wants to save Mikey, he will have to undo all the bad things that have happened to him. He makes up his mind that this will be their final trip back in time with Mikey.

During the final time jump, Takemichi befriends a young Mikey and ends up saving his life. Avoiding the murders of Shinichiro, Baji, and Draken, he prevents Mikey from giving in to his evil desires.

3. Is Draken saved by Takemichi?

Draken, like Hina, was presumed to have died in the first timeline. On August 3rd, after an altercation with Moebius, he was fatally stabbed.

In Chapter 224, he dies again while saving Takemichi from the Rokuhara Tandai gang’s gunfire. But have no worry; Draken’s demise is just temporary.

After rescuing Takemichi, Draken sacrifices himself
After rescuing Takemichi, Draken sacrifices himself

To correct the ultimate chronology, Takemichi goes back in time in chapter 277. He makes peace with every motorcycle gang he encounters and alters their course of history. Since Toman doesn’t go after the gangs responsible for Draken’s death, the boy is spared.

4. Is Takemichi able to save Tetta Kisaki?

After his tragic death in an accident during the Tenjiku arc, everyone assumed Kisaki was gone for good.

However, in the last chapter of the manga, he makes a surprising return. As a result of Takemichi’s friendship and inclusion in the establishment of Toman, he is deflected from a life of crime. Since he has changed, he will not die.

Kisaki is the wealthy owner of the TK&KO group in the new timeline.

5. Is Baji saved by Takemichi?

The character of Keisuke Baji was one of the few to pass away quite early on in the show. In the conflict between Toman and Valhalla, Baji loses his life. Kazutora stabs him, and then he stabs himself, causing massive internal bleeding.

Baji passes away in Chifuyu's arms
Baji passes away in Chifuyu’s arms

Only in the end timeline is Baji brought back to life. Due of Takemichi’s friendship with Kisaki, the Valhalla of the alternate universes is destroyed. Eliminating Valhalla prevents the conflict between Toman and Valhalla, which means Baji will survive.

When Toman is disbanded, Baji leaves the gang life behind and joins Chifuyu’s vetting firm.

6. Is Shinichiro Sano saved by Takemichi?

Takemichi resolves to save Shinichiro when he and Mikey go back in time in an effort to alter the futures of Baji, Mikey, and Kazutora.

Takemichi and Mikey come to Shinichiro’s rescue by convincing him to grant Mikey’s dream and buy him a bicycle. To prevent Baji and Kazutora from killing him, Shinichiro gives Mikey a CB250T just before they break into his business.

7. Is Takemichi able to save Emma Sano?

Takemichi’s final time travel resurrects a victim of alternate histories where she was killed.

In Chapter 147, Kisaki assaulted Emma on Izana’s orders, ultimately resulting in Emma’s death. Draken is the most taken aback by her unexpected demise.

In the end, Takemichi is the one who rescues Emma by using his power to bring Toman and Tenjiku together again. Emma is brought back to life since Izana and Kisaki never try to harm her because Tenjiku no longer harbors animosity against Toman.

8. Is Takemichi able to save Izana Kurokawa?

Attempting to shield Kakucho from harm, Izana Kurokawa, the Sano brothers’ adopted brother, was shot and murdered by Kisaki. Many viewers hoped for Izana’s return despite his role as a formidable enemy throughout the show.

Finally, Takemichi’s time travel helps bring Izana back to life. In the new timeline, Toman and Tenjiku are on amicable terms, therefore despite their occasional fights, Tenjiku does not perish.

Panels from chapter 278 show him smiling and chatting with Emma, suggesting that his friendship with the Sano siblings has been repaired as well.

9. Is Taiju Shiba saved by Takemichi?

The Shiba siblings have a very troubled connection with one another. Taiju Shiba, in the first timeline, is violent toward his younger sisters Hakkai and Yuzuha. They learn to loathe him because of the torture, and in the original timeline, he meets his end at the hands of Yuzuha.

During a battle between the Yuzuha and the Hakkai and the Taiju, Takemichi steps in to break up the brawl. Every time Hakkai or Yuzuha go to stab Taiju, he prevents them. Until Mikey shows up, he keeps them at bay. Mikey quickly and easily wins the battle, putting an end to it and saving Taiju’s life.

The Shiba siblings' lives depend on Takemichi's victory over Taiju
The Shiba siblings’ lives depend on Takemichi’s victory over Taiju

10. Does Takemichi Naoto Tachibana?

Takemichi’s only true friend is Naoto, and he’s helping him rescue his sister. In the first timeline, Naoto, like Hina, was a victim of the conflict involving Toman.

Takemichi convinces a young Naoto to join forces with him when the latter learns of Takemichi’s time-travel skills and Hina’s death during the first time jump. Naoto is spared death thanks to Takemichi’s confession, and he enrolls in detective school to protect Hina.

As a result of saving Hina, in the end timeline Naoto decides to pursue a career in journalism.

11. Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui has created a manga titled Tokyo Revengers. Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine began serializing it on March 1, 2017, and the series concluded in November 2022. There are 30 tankobon volumes of it.

Takemichi Hanagaki is at the center of the tale after discovering that his one and only ex-girlfriend from junior high was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi was shoved off the train station once the news of the event spread.

After crashing to the ground on the railroad tracks, he closed his eyes in resignation to his impending death, only to open them 12 years earlier.