Ippon Again Episode 4: With the Three of Us, We’ll be Fine! Publication Date & Spoilers

In the third episode of Ippon Again, viewers fell hard for the show’s adviser. Most significantly, people find her attractive because she exudes an air of coolness. She’s not a professional, yet she truly appears to care about the pupils anyhow. Michi’s caring attitude toward the pupils was also lauded. Furthermore, she understood how her companions functioned in their relationships. In the fourth episode of Ippon Again, we’ll see if Sanae can keep pushing Michi in the right direction. You’ll get to watch Towa’s progress in overcoming her speech impediment in this episode too. Here are all the specifics of the next episode, with no spoilers!

Anna seemed to be making her way into the hearts of the spectators. In addition, it was very clear that Gondo is unpopular among both the teaching staff and the pupils. They want to see Erika and Towa go head-to-head, too. Ippon Again has won over fans who aren’t particularly interested in judo. If you want to know more, you should keep reading.

Ippon Again Episode 4

Ippon Again Episode 4: What Happens Next?

The upcoming fourth episode is titled “With the Three of Us, We’ll be Fine.” In the next episode, viewers will learn why Shino-sensei is still a darling among the students. Later on, when she’s established in her role as a judo instructor, she’ll really shine. More than that, a fifth pal appears in the previous episode’s end credits. In the upcoming episode, we’ll meet the mysterious new companion. This will also reveal whether or not she is a friend of Anna’s and a member of a local kendo club.

Furthermore, Erika and Towa will have their showdown. Episode 4 of Ippon Again will also show how Towa has been able to overcome her communication issue via hard effort. The growth she showed in the previous episode’s character was excellent. The following episode will likewise center on the impending event. The girls will almost certainly come out on the losing end of their match against their rivals. They misjudge Towa’s ability to put down their haughtiness.

Ippon Again Episode 4

Previous Episode Sumary!

The title of Episode 3 of Ippon Again was “She Changes the Mood Entirely.” At the outset of this episode, Gondo-sensei took the girls’ phones and instituted a harsh policy toward them. He had serious reservations about the strictness of the school’s policy. Even Nagumo betrays her pals by running ahead of them on a jog. She claims the kendo group is stronger than the judo group. When Gondo-sensei starts criticizing the pupils, Shino-sensei steps in to stop him. She quickly becomes a source of fascination for her classmates.

At a coffee later, Towa and her pals run meet Erika, a year older than Towa. Michi, however, is unable to gauge the atmosphere and sees Erika’s sarcastic remarks as praise. At a later time, Towa and Nagumo had a romantic moment together on the train.

Ippon Again Episode 4

Ippon Again Episode 4: Publication Date

The fourth installment of Ippon Again will premiere on January 30, 2023. AT-X, Tokyo MX, TV Tokyo, KBS Kyoto, and TVA are only some of the Japanese networks that will air it. HIDIVE is the international streaming home for the episode.