Irena Ducic, Ask Gamblers Writer, Talks Us Through the Importance of Art Style for Anime and Video Slots

It’s funny the anime fans that you bump into. Irena Ducic was impeccably dressed during a recent party for a mutual friend. There were a few hundred people in the venue – this friend is very popular – all from different walks of life and with various jobs.

At first glance, Irena looked like a serious, straight and – dare we say it – rather fierce-looking businesswoman. But when we got talking to her and mentioned our profession, her eyes lit up like a ten-year-old child’s.

‘I love anime!’ she said, her voice coming out in a high-pitched squeal. We mentioned that we often did interviews with people in the industry and her eyes lit up again.

‘Interview me! I know I’m not in the anime industry, but interview me, I wanna talk about it!’

So Irena Ducic, an expert iGaming writer at AskGamblers, and coincidentally the biggest anime fan on the planet, gave us her number. And a few weeks later we thought: why not? And we decided to give her a call. Below is what happened next:

“There’s Not Much Sports Anime That Has Impacted Me, But This One Got My Adrenaline Going”

Irena, It Was Great To Meet You At The Party. So You’re An Anime Fan, Huh?

Yes! Big fan of anime – always have been.

What Are Some Of Your Favourite Anime?

Oh, testing me, are you? Okay, well I’m a big sports fan too, so one of my favourites has to be Haikyuu. There’s not much sports anime that has really impacted me, but this one really got my adrenaline going. It was like I was playing the game myself. Although I’m terrible at volleyball. It keeps hitting the ground. Which I’m not sure is the point. I also love Dragon Ball Z, even though I know everyone loves Dragon Ball Z. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was weirdly incredible, and Naruto Shippuden was really fun too.

“Both Anime And Slots Are Visual To Start Off With”

We Figured We Should Angle This Toward iGaming, As That’s Where Your Expertise Lies. So We Wanted To Ask What You Think The Importance Of Art Style Is For Both Anime And Slots?

Interesting, I was wondering if you’d do that, rather than me blabbering on about anime for twenty minutes, ever the pathetic fangirl that I am. But yeah, that’s an interesting question, because there actually is a connection there. I suppose both anime and slots are visual to start off with. They have to capture the attention of the player.

In fact, yeah, that’s so true. I remember recently a friend suggested Demon Slayer to me. She said it was awesome, full of cool action sequences, battles, and an amazing soundtrack. I thought: great, I’ll give it a go. But then I looked it up online and was immediately put off by the art style. It just wasn’t my cup of tea when it comes to the kind of anime I enjoy.

Cue Demon Slayer Fans Coming For Your Head

Oh jeez, I know. I’m not slating it. The design looked… fine. And I’m sure the series is great, but it just didn’t stand out for me. And something as small as that stopped me watching. The same goes for slots. In 2023, there are thousands of different slots to play, and each one offers something different and caters to different players.

But will a player stick around to find out if the game is good if it hasn’t nailed the artistic visuals? I don’t think so. I certainly don’t. A slot, like an anime series, has to capture you with its look first. It’s like the old saying: don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, people do. And that’s why it’s important.

“The Art Style Needs To Match The Theme”

But Aren’t Slots All Pretty Much The Same When It Comes To The Art?

You’re clearly not an online casino player! No, not at all. Every slot has a different theme and genre. One moment you could be playing Immortal Romance, revolving around vampires, and then you could be playing Jungle Slot, which is set in the jungle.

If a slot has a certain theme, let’s say Ancient Egypt, for instance, then the art style needs to match the theme and really translate it across to the player. Only then can it be a truly immersive and unique experience. The same goes for anime. I’ve watched really serious anime with a heartfelt and emotional story, but the art style completely takes me out of it. It doesn’t fit. And if the art style doesn’t fit, then it’s very hard to keep a viewer – or a player – invested.

Interesting, We Didn’t Really Think Of It Like That

It’s funny the kind of connections you can make. But it’s true, both anime and slots are definitively visual media. So the art styles have to work if they want to draw players and viewers into the party.

Are There Any Anime Series’ On Your List To Watch?

Well, not Demon Slayer. But I simply can’t wait for Kimi ni Todoke. Netflix recently confirmed the sequel, which is going to come out in 2024 sometime. It’s been years!

We Hope You Enjoy!

Thanks! And thank you for talking to me. Anytime you want to talk about my two favourite things: anime and iGaming, then I’m 100% game!