Is Ui Ui Jujutsu Kaisen’s Hidden Weapon?

In Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 258, released on April 29, 2024, Ui Ui took center stage with his remarkable cursed technique, soul-swapping.

The chapter mainly focused on flashbacks to Itadori Yuji’s training days under his seniors and teachers. Choso suggested that Itadori learned the Reverse Curse Technique and asked for someone knowledgeable to teach him. Kusakabe volunteered, proposing they engage in soul-swapping training. Initially puzzled by the concept, Itadori gained clarity when Ui Ui unveiled his cursed technique, enabling soul-swapping. This facilitated Itadori’s grasp of RCT, and he even mastered Simple Domain while Kusakabe’s soul swapped with him.

Ui Ui’s Soul-Swapping Technique

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Another flashback unveiled the time when Itadori underwent training under his teachers and seniors. Hakari stressed that only fighters capable of using Simple Domain and RCT should participate in the battle against Sukuna. Choso insisted that Itadori could learn RCT because his body was like his own.

He inquired with all the sorcerers about their methods of replenishing lost blood through cursed energy, and Shoko responded that she directly converted her cursed energy into blood. Choso agreed and suggested that Itadori could do the same by consuming the remaining death paintings, which also served as the source of his Blood Manipulation cursed technique. However, Choso emphasized that merely granting him the technique wouldn’t suffice, so he insisted that one of the sorcerers who had mastered RCT teach Yuji its basics.

At that moment, Ui Ui intervened and unveiled his cursed technique, which could swap the souls of two individuals. His cursed technique had been previously showcased during the battle against Sukuna, enabling him to teleport between marked locations. This ability proved instrumental in rescuing numerous sorcerers from Sukuna’s lethal attacks.

Fans Disappointed with The Lack of Yuji’s Growth

The latest chapter of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Chapter 258, has stirred up a fervent discussion among fans regarding the protagonist, Yuji Itadori. It was revealed that he acquired techniques like the Reversed Cursed Technique and Simple Domain through an unconventional means — body swapping. This revelation has sparked a debate over whether Yuji’s development as a Jujutsu sorcerer is authentic or if he has been unfairly aided by others’ actions.

Yuji’s proficiency in mastering these techniques was not solely his accomplishment. It stemmed from Ui Ui’s body swap technique, where Yuji’s consciousness inhabited Kusakabe’s body, allowing him to learn these complex abilities. The disclosure that Yuji may have received external assistance has led to debates among fans. Many argue that his growth doesn’t truly represent his skills and efforts, but rather relies on outside help.