Ishura Episode 5: Higure And Nastique Incoming! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Things are going pretty unstable as the Imperial competition unfolds! The previous episode has already hinted that the individual story arc will bring more complexity to the table. That’s because their complicated threads will converge in the fierce competition. But Ishura Episode 5 suggests that the fans will be introduced to more new characters whose complex story arc will bring trouble for other participants. Who will join the competition now? Amid this, Elea will find herself in a terrible position. Keep reading to know the details.

Ishura Episode 5: Preview Stills Hint At Massive Showdown!

No doubt, Elea aims to hide her location. And hence, she will leave the place to stay off the grid. However, it will only last for a while as she is determined to enlist Kia in the Imperial competition. It will indeed put her on the radar. While things seem to turn dramatic, Ishura Episode 5, “Higuare The Pelagic And Nastique The Quiet Singer,” hints that two new characters will debut. They are Higure, a calm and passive mandrake gladiator, and Nastique, an angel-wielding authority.

Higure has been serving under Taren the Guarded. Thus, he has ample knowledge to outsmart others in Imperial competition. But since Nastique is also in the picture, it will soon lead to a massive conflict. Ishura Episode 5 preview stills also suggests that the characters will face some formidable challenges while trying to prove their strength. As the competition unfolds, it will indeed bring some unexpected twist to their lives.

A Quick Recap!

The last we saw was a soldier briefing Hidow about their recent loss at the Auretia Central Detention Center. He revealed that they had lost contact with their ten members. Although it wasn’t Hidow’s duty to look at this matter, the Third Minister, Jelki, ordered him to investigate the issue of the New Principality. Hidow later worked on the matter and discussed the strategy with the soldier. He told the soldier to station his men on the ground. After that, he freed Nihilo, the Vortical Stampede, the most dangerous bioweapon.

Ishura Episode 5
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Later, the episode shifted its focus to Elea the Red Tag. She was the Seventeenth Minister of Auretia and was on a mission that was off the records. But during this time, she came across an elfen child named Yawika, who was fond of her. While Elea took some time off her duties, her student Kia, the World Word, worried about joining the school in Auretia. But unfortunately, she couldn’t make it there. That was because Elea wished to enlist Kia in the Imperial competition, considering her outshining skills.

Ishura Episode 5: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will see the return of a fan-favorite character. Who will be that? Catch it on Ishura Episode 5, January 31, 2024, at 11:30 pm JST. The anime drops all-new episodes every Wednesday night with a runtime of around 30 minutes. It is available on Tokyo MX in Japan. Meanwhile, the global audience can stream it on Disney Plus. However, viewers in the US can stream it on Hulu. This is all for now. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.