Kengan Omega Chapter 192: The Second Finalist! Publication Date

The championship round has begun. Kengan Omega Chapter 192 has been confirmed for this week’s publication. The name of the first finalist was revealed in the previous chapter. Everyone is now curious about Narushima Koga’s opponent in the last round. Shen Wulong, on the other hand, is also likely planning a criminal act. So here is the plot that will win everyone over in the following section. So, here’s all you need to know to get ready for the following section.

As will be seen in the following story points, various groups have previously attempted to disrupt the championships. As a result, I’m curious to learn their next steps.

Kengan Omega Chapter 192

Kengan Omega Chapter 192: What Happens Next?

Shen Wulong was obviously onto something. But now that another Kengan fighter had made it to the championship round, everything had changed. Tokita Ohma was the last male champion. Everyone doubted his merit for the title, and he was widely considered to have cheated his way to victory. Seemingly, we are about to see a recurrence of past events,

With the start of the following game, Kengan Omega Chapter 192 will begin. At this time, the identity of Koga’s final opponent is unknown. So, it’s going to be exciting to watch who he’s up against. In addition to this, Shen Wulong’s manner provides significant insight into his intentions. To what end is this man driving his quest?

Kengan Omega Chapter 192

Previous Chapter Summary!

The 191st chapter of Kengan Omega was titled “You Were There.” Koga’s initial assault in this chapter was powerful enough to penetrate his foe’s armor. Even if the action was only protected by muscle, it was nonetheless dangerous. As time goes on, it becomes clear that Koga was landing blow after punch. There was no way he was going to give up now. His fists were bloody from all the blows he’d thrown.

All throughout the world, people were watching the battle. Many were frustrated with Ryuki because he did not stand up for himself. Koga came quite close to winning, and Leonardo Silva was overjoyed about it. Koga won the match and advanced to the finals, marking the conclusion of this chapter. Shen Wulong was the man we saw in the final shot.

Kengan Omega Chapter 192

Kengan Omega Chapter 192: Publication Date

New chapters come out continuously with no pauses. This means that in the following two days, followers may get up to speed on the new one. In the end, Kengan Omega Chapter 192 will be available to read to the public on January 12th, 2023. The latest chapter will be available exclusively in the printed issues of Kodansha. As soon as we have any new information on this, we will be sure to update this area.