Kengan Omega Chapter 193: It Is Time For The Finals! Publication Date

Kengan Omega is fascinating since it never fails to satisfy its audience. Accordingly, this week’s scheduled chapter release of Kengan Omega is 193. Last chapter’s events established a winner between Lihito and Narushima Koga. There is no way to know who the ultimate victor will be right now. In a short amount of time, I will tell you how the tournament’s championship game went down.

The upcoming game will undoubtedly reveal some riveting new narratives. Lihito’s history has not been revealed in any of the games thus yet. The only thing we can say for sure about him is that he is virtually unbeatable in competition. In the ultimate showdown, he’ll also be fighting a formidable opponent. If you want to find out what happens next, read on!

Kengan Omega Chapter 193

Kengan Omega Chapter 193: What Happens Next?

From the start, Kiriyu Setsuna was the mastermind behind everything bad. It was often he who was responsible for the demise or destruction of major protagonists. Therefore, Narushima Koga promised Gaoh Ryuki vengeance upon the guy. He also came to the conclusion that the championship bout would be a good one.

He avoided a dangerous challenge and instead joined forces with Lihito, igniting a friendly rivalry between the two. Now, the two greatest fighters in the world will square off in the first battle of Kengan Omega Chapter 193. The contest will most likely go on for quite some time before a clear victor can be determined. Who do you believe has a better shot at taking home the grand prize this time around? Is there a chance Koga will bring home the gold?

Kengan Omega Chapter 193

Previous Chapter Summary!

“After The Fight” was the title of Kengan Omega Chapter 192. At the beginning of the chapter, Tokita’s pals show up to see whether he thinks this is a smart plan. His strategy involved gathering all the finalists in one place. Consequently, Koga visited Gaoh Ryuki in his hospital room. Narushima said he was relieved to leave the combat world behind. However, he was baffled as to what prompted Gaoh’s return.

The previous scene of Niadan Monkhbat suddenly materialized. And Ryuki said that he had stumbled across the man’s statements. Koga expressed regret for his actions and offered an apology. Finally, he promised to wipe out whatever was wreaking havoc on the men of Kengan. Match between him and Lihito marked the end of the chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 193

Kengan Omega Chapter 193: Publication Date

There has been no pause in the publication of the new chapter as of this writing. As a result, look for the new one to drop in the next few of days. Chapter 193 of Kengan Omega will be released on January 19, 2023. All of the chapters of the manga are exclusively available through Kodansha’s official website.