Kengan Omega Chapter 196: Goah Strikes Back! Release Information & More

As promised, here is today’s installment of Kengan Omega: Chapter 196. In a couple of days, the next chapter will be available. Many eagerly anticipate a chance to meet Gaoh Ryuki. With the man gone, the story took a new turn. He was sanity itself in this story. But now we get to witness a new side of the man. How his entrance affects the story’s development will be fascinating.

In the future plot, readers will learn about the many cities and countries that Ryuki stopped in on his epic adventure. Someday he’ll break his silence on why he had to leave. Don’t stop reading until you find out what happens next!

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Kengan Omega Chap 196: What Happens Next?

Nothing has been revealed about the new chapter’s title or plot at this time. But the Gaoh Ryuki plot is the one that everyone is anticipating the most. He vanished into thin air after the tournament. There are a lot of members from the group trying to track him down. While his last known whereabouts have been located, the individual himself has vanished. It would appear that he was unable to recover from the shame of his most recent defeat.

The commitment he had made to his family had now been broken. Perhaps he’s setting out on a journey that will alter the course of his entire existence. The man will emerge from this experience a transformed individual. It will be exciting to see how the cast and crew respond to his new persona in the series finale.

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Previous Chapter Review!

Chapter 195 of Kengan Omega is titled “A Martial Art Called Pro Wrestling.” To begin the chapter, Seki Bayashi throws himself into the conflict at hand. An early example of a pro wrestling combat scene. In a continuous succession, attacks and counterattacks kept happening one after the other. However, Okubo was able to seize control of the game rather quickly. When he had struck Seki enough times, Seki would stand up.

But Seki surprised him by saying he wasn’t being as aggressive as he usually is. He said Seki would need a heavier blow to knock him out of the fight. Because of this, Seki became angry and began choking his rival. Moreover, the chapter’s final scene was a rare treat: a graphic depiction of violence. Seki brutally dispatches his foe by breaking his skull to bits.

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When Will Kengan Omega Chapter 196 Be Published?

As of this writing, there have been no announcements of a hiatus before Kengan Omega Chapter 196. This means that there will soon be another combat scene for the audience to enjoy. So, the new chapter will officially be released on February 9, 2023. You may only read the manga on Kodansha’s official website. Should there be any modifications, we will post them here.