Log Horizon Season 4: Is It Really Getting Another Sequel?

Log Horizon Season 4 might have the most confusing source material quality. In the last two years, fans have done nothing but speculate the next storyline for the fourth season. That is right, it has been two years since the latest season was brought to the floors. And it is very normal for the makers to keep a two-year gap between seasons. Thus, it is high time to start expecting the renewal of the next season. So, how soon can fans hope to get the new one to the floors? We have gathered all the updates that you need on the matter! So, keep reading.

For some background, the Log Horizon manga was originally a novel series that launched in 2010. After this, the light novel came out in 2011. This LN has a total of 11 volumes and continues to produce volumes one after the other. After this, three spin-off manga have come out. Satelight Studio animated the anime’s first season. But it was Studio Deen that pushed the legacy for the next two seasons.

Log Horizon Season 4

Log Horizon Season 4: Renewal Status

It was on March 31, 2021, that the third season of Log Horizon wrapped up stuff. And this essentially was the last time that fans saw any of their favorite characters. With the ending of the season, there was another post-credit scene in Season 3 that spoke volumes about the story to come forth. This shows that substantial work has been done on the last two volumes of the LN. However, there was no clear indication of the release of Log Horizon Season 4.

Thus, it is safe to say that any of the creators have not renewed Log Horizon Season 4 yet. But in no way does it mean that the show will not be coming back. There are a lot of chances of seeing a new season. A quick glance at the official numbers of the show will suggest that it will be coming back very soon. Here is an analysis of the entire storyline.

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Will There Be A New Season?

As said, fans have all the chances of seeing another season of Log Horizon. The demand for the season continues to rise with each passing year. It has been two years already, and the fans seem to be invested in the entire planning and production process and their announcements. Starting with the rating and rankings of the show, everything has been commendable right from the first season. Starting off with 2013, all three seasons gained an overall rating of 7.6 stars on IMDb.

But on MyAnimeList, the ratings seem to be higher. Currently, the show ranks with a score of 7.9 stars out of 10. Plus, half a million users have engaged with the content of the show on this platform. With this, a lot of the discussion threads only talk about the incoming of the new season. Thus, there is a heavy demand for Log Horizon Season 4 all over the internet. All of this only indicates that the season will come back soon enough. It is only a matter of time before there is any announcement.

Production Status!

Before getting taken over by Studio Deen, Studio Satelight was the company that animated the first season. After the shift, there was a sudden betterment in the quality of the content. So, for background, Studio Deen is an already renowned company that has been in operation for the longest time. And the company has brought out hundreds of shows in the past. Log Horizon persists to be one such banner that has managed to get a name for itself.

Every year, two to five shows come out of the banner at the least. Thus, it can be said that Studio Deen has the potential to churn out a lot of content in a limited period of time. As for the upcoming projects from this firm, the names include Power of Hope and Ooku. There still remains time and manpower to see a new season. But the major prediction stands that this anime lacks content for the time being for the production of Log Horizon Season 4.

Log Horizon Season 4

Log Horizon Season 4: What Will Happen In The New Season?

While an entire explanation of the story of three seasons will be a long list of words, here is a small brew of what the story looks like. So, Log Horizon follows the story of a game strategist who has been working with a team of experts for the longest time. And with this, they have managed to ace so many of the challenges in front of them. However, what transpires is a game update that no one had been anticipating. An update then brings them all to a stage where there is no way out.

A lot of the levels and challenges come up ahead for the team. But solving them and moving ahead is the challenge for all of them. The third season comes to an end with the calling of the team to the last stage. The Eirenus Genius has been defeated, and the only thing that remains is the next step ahead. From the manga, the expected title of Log Horizon Season 4 will be ‘Nightingale Song.‘ Some parts of this storyline have already come up in the last season.

Log Horizon Season 4

Thus, the chronology is distorted at this point in time. In case one of the spin-offs is animated, then those will be the topic of discussion for some other time. ‘Twilight Orphan ‘ also has all the chances of getting scenes in Log Horizon Season 4. But fans must note that these storylines are yet to get a green flag from the makers.

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Is There Enough Content?

Not only over the internet, but a lot of the discussion forums also continue to debate over the same question. So, the answer to whether there is enough material or not is not that simple. While the post-credit scene from the third season hints that work was being done over the last few volumes of the text, the other hints don’t point at the same case. For a frame of reference, the Log Horizon is an original novel series that first came out in April 2010.

But it was the 2011 light novel that serves as the source material for the anime. There are a total of 11 volumes in the light novel. A spin-off manga ‘Honey Moon Logs,‘ came out in 2012. Next up was another spin-off named ‘The West Wind Brigade,‘ ‘Nyanta-honcho Shiawase No Recipe,‘ and ‘Kanami Go East.‘ As for the adaption factor, most of the content has already been used in the two seasons. Nine of the eleven volumes are done with the content.

But the post-credit scene has created quite a confusion for the fans. There remains plenty of content for Log Horizon Season 4. However, if only the main story is to be adapted, there is not enough content right now. However, given the number of spin-offs this story has, the chances of getting a new season are high. But the scene around it is not clear as of now.

Log Horizon Season 4: Release Date

There is substantial evidence that some of the work is done in the last volume of the story. The post-credit scene makes sure that the last two volumes might get an adaption. However, this might as well be a ploy to increase the sales of the books, as there is not enough content for an entire season. Even if one of the spin-off stories is animated, it would take a year and a half for the entire thing to come out. All in all, Log Horizon Season 4 is a long-stretched dream, and nothing can transpire before 2024.

Even after that, fans would have to wait for some time, which will be that of the production. This section will give you all the details of the same. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for updates.