Lookism Chapter 447 Publication Date, Spoilers, Summary and More Information

Lookism Chapter 447
Lookism Chapter 447
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Is everyone prepared to read the next installment of the smash hit manga Lookism? The release of Chapter 447 is rapidly approaching, and readers can hardly contain their anticipation for what lies next for their favorite characters. Do you guys remember when we talked about Lookism Chapter 446? Now that you have all the background information you need, we will dive into Chapter 447 of the smash hit series Lookism.

This page will reveal when you can expect to read Lookism Chapter 447 and may also contain spoilers for that chapter.

In addition, we will tell you where to find the most recent installment of Lookism on the internet. If you enjoy this series, you should keep reading to learn about what’s happening next.

We’re eager to find out what happens next in the Lookism plot, which centers on the unfair judgment of others based on their physical attributes.

Each each chapter brings us further into the plot, and Chapter 447 looks to be no exception. Let’s dig into this fantastic webtoon, and we’ve got all the material you need, from spoilers to publication dates to raw scans.

Let’s briefly review the series’ setup before diving into the forthcoming chapter’s specifics. This will ensure that everyone has a firm grasp of the story’s essential details. Before moving on to the next part, let’s take a look back at the entire series.

Let’s jump right into our talks, shall we?

Recap of Lookism Spoilers:

The webcomic Lookism depicts the life of a high school boy named Park Hyung-suk who faces persistent harassment and hostility due to his outward looks. He has a hard time making friends and frequently feels lonely and abandoned.

Park Hyung-suk develops the power to teleport between two bodies: one that is gorgeous and muscular, and another that is overweight and less attractive, seemingly overnight. He uses his newfound strength to venture out into the many high school subcultures, where he learns the hard way that one’s appearance can be both a boon and a bane.

In the course of the narrative, Park Hyung-suk encounters many difficulties, such as the jealousy and betrayal of his contemporaries. On the other hand, he makes unexpected friends and gains confidence and inner beauty through hard-won life lessons.

When it comes to bullying, discrimination, and self-perception, Lookism is a powerful and thought-provoking webtoon. Because of its universal appeal, the narrative has amassed a global following of devoted fans.

To set the stage for our conversation, let’s review what happened in Lookism chapter 446. Understanding the characters and what drives them now requires looking back at what happened in the previous episode. Let’s pause for a moment to review the series’ history and catch up with recent events.

Lookism Chapter 446 Summary Spoilers:

Daniel breaks the news of Noh Bakgu’s death to the other characters at the beginning of the story. Astonished, Park demands to know how the stranger came to know his name. Daniel now knows there’s something seriously wrong with Park. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Park begins yelling and banging his skull.

Park tells Daniel he wants to forget the past and begins using drugs abruptly to achieve this. But then he discovers the pills he took were the wrong ones, and he panics and begins banging his head on the floor. Daniel grabs him from behind and saves him, but the noise alerted security, who tried to break into the dispensary.

Later, the action shifts to the Youth Construction warehouse, where Zack Lee explains that he was so close to solving the issue but ultimately couldn’t because Daniel just couldn’t figure out what they were doing wrong. After meeting someone he thought Zack might know, Daniel tells Zack that things quickly became bad and he had to leave. If Zack and he learn anything, he wants to know.

Jace is having a terrible time, and Zack Lee has taken note of this. He also paid a visit to Kouji, who informed him that he no longer felt any motivation to assist the Workers.

After dealing with the Workers’ first affiliate, Daniel has some thoughts. He feels like he’s in a maze because it’s so much harder than the prior affiliates. To be successful, he realizes he must devise a plan.

Zack Lee, meantime, is having difficulty dealing with things. As he opens his mouth to speak, Daniel suddenly loses consciousness and falls from his chair. After some time, Daniel finds himself in a new body.

Let’s check out when chapter 447 of Lookism will be out before we go into any spoiler talk.

Lookism Chapter 447 Publication Date:

The publication of Lookism Chapter 447 on May 4, 2023, has been officially confirmed.

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 10:00 PM on May 4, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 7:00 PM on May 4, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 9:00 PM on May 4, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 11:00 AM on May 5, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 2:00 AM on May 5, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 7:30 AM on May 5, 2023
  • PKST (Pakistan Standard Time): 7:00 AM on May 5, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 4:00 AM on May 5, 2023
  • ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time): 12:30 PM on May 5, 2023

Now that we have reached this point, we may talk about Future Lookism Chapter 447 Spoilers.

Lookism Chapter 447 Spoilers:

Park, the protagonist, is introduced as someone who want to forget their history. He instantly begins taking narcotics, but soon finds he has the wrong pills. As a result of his anxiety, he falls and smashes his head. Daniel catches him in time to save his life. However, the noise he made while banging his head on the ground was picked up by security.

This chapter takes place at the Youth factory, where Daniel and Zack Lee have their conversation. According to Zack Lee, Kouji didn’t want to talk to Jace when he tried to see him when he was having a tough time. Zack Lee became concerned when Daniel later slipped from his chair as he was speaking. When Daniel awoke, he realized he was no longer in his own body.

Cheon Taejin, the head of the Workers’ group, will be introduced in the next episode. He will inquire as to Kwak Jihan’s motives for wanting to associate with them. Another potential scene is Daniel regaining consciousness in his own body and discovering Samuel there.

It was interesting to hear about Samuel Seo’s time spent working with Park Jin-young. For Daniel, working with the Workers’ initial associate was like navigating a complex maze. They were more difficult to collaborate with than before.

Finally, we’ll tell you about a well-liked site where you can read your preferred Webtoon with no cost at all.

Where to Read Chapter 447 of Lookism:

Webtoon is a fantastic site for comic book readers, and it’s where you may read your favorite webtoon, Lookism. This platform is user-friendly and offers a wide variety of comic book series. Additional reading material can be purchased within the app.

The illustrations are so realistic that reading the pages feels like holding an actual object.

Finally, keep checking back for more spoilers and news about upcoming manga and anime.

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