MAPPA Studio’s ZENSHU Anime Sparks Conceptual Critique

On Friday, March 22, 2024, MAPPA announced the production of a new original TV Anime titled ZENSHU has been getting both anticipation and criticism from the fans.

The studio released a promotional video and teaser visual for the anime. According to the released video, the anime is about Natsuko Hirose, who became an animator after graduating from high school.

Her talent thrived and she quickly made her debut as a director. In fact, she gained massive success with her first anime project. However, she is having some problems in completing her second project because it’s based on the theme of first love, which she has never experienced before.

Teaser Trailer of ‘ZENSHU’ A Mappa Original

TVアニメ『全修。』ティザーPV / “ZENSHU” Teaser Trailer

Cast & Staff

Original by: Mitsue Yamasaki / Kimiko Ueno / MAPPA

Director: Mitsue Yamasaki

Screenplay: Kimiko Ueno

Chief Animation Director: Shuji Takahara / Kazuko Hayakawa / Etsuko Sumimoto

Assistant Director: Sumie Noro

And the Cast Includes:

Natsuko Hirose: Anna Nagase

Luke Braveheart: Kazuki Ura

Unio: Rie Kugimiya

Memmeln: Minori Suzuki

QJ: Akio Suyama

Why is the Anime getting Backlash?


Well, the reason behind the Anime ‘ZENSHU‘ by MAPPA studios getting backlash from many fans is because the story shows the life of an animator and the irony is that in the Anime Industry, especially at MAPPA animators and staff is known for being overworked at the point where they don’t go home for months.

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While some fans are appreciating the anime as it will show us how hard and amazing anime production is! Some fans are sarcastically joking about the thought of MAPPA making an Anime about Animator’s life when the studio has been known for its overworking staff.

ZENSHU Controversy

A twitter user after the teaser was revealed on X, posted a comment on the post which goes like “I’m not very familiar with the whole scandal, but it’s quite funny to see this as a MAPPA Original XD.

Some more Comments were found under the teaser trailer of Anime on Twitter and YouTube which showed the reality of MAPPA studios. MAPPA making Anime about MAPPA Animators?

“Mappa said to animators: you can’t speak about your struggle in social media.                                         You can speak through our new anime Now go animate the damn thing.”

JJK director comment on ZENSHU Anime

Even Director of Jujutsu Kaisen Showed his criticism towards the anime. Shunsuke Ohkubo, who is the director of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 15 had been quite open talking about the working conditions at MAPPA and claimed that he blocked the anime’s promotion Accounts. Although Ohkubo later posted a post saying ZENSHU is the best and he loves the anime which some fans interpreted as Sarcasm.