Medical Manga, Radiation House, Teases Fall Debut of Live-Action’s Season 2

When we think of doctors, we think of surgeons who operate to save lives. However, there are also other specialists who don’t work in direct contact with patients.

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The Radiation House series shines light on the work of radiologists, whose contributions often go unrecognized.

Iori Igarashi, a talented radiology technician, serves as the main protagonist of the manga and live-action series. However, his to-the-point answers and work ethics clash with his surroundings.

After the success of season 1, Radiation House has just announced a second season of the live-action series! Season 2 of the popular drama will premiere in October 2021.

Season 1 of the live-action adaptation premiered from April to June 2019 in Japan. The series even received an average of 12.1% rating in Japan’s Kanto area.

The cast of the drama will reprise their roles, and there is a high possibility that the staff will remain the same as well.

The drama showed the relation between Iori and his childhood friend, An Amakasu, in great detail. While Iori is fixated on his work as a radiology technician, he realizes that An looks down on those who don’t have a doctor’s license.

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She is at first portrayed as someone who only wants to run the hospital smoothly and easily looks down on others. However, slowly we realize that she actually lacks self-confidence. Iori will gradually help her with her issues.

If you love geeking out on medical-related manga, I recommend that you give this series a try. Not only will it increase your knowledge, but you will also feel appreciation towards all the behind-the-scenes staff in the medical department; especially during times like these.

About Radiation House

Radiation House is a medical manga by author Yokomaku Tomohiro and illustrator Mori Taishi. It started serialization on 21st October 2015.

The manga concentrates on radiology technicians who are often looked down upon by other doctors. Iori Igarashi is a talented technician in the field.

He lands a job at the hospital that belongs to his childhood friend, An Amakasu’s family. However, An does not recognize him. The saga continues as Iori tries to make An recognize him while he works relentlessly at his job.

Source: Grand Jump magazine’s 12th issue

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