Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125: Questioning 002! Publication Date & Plot

In Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125, readers will be able to pick up where they left off with the ongoing discussion. Indeed, Ijin and Cha Dusik are the subjects of our conversation. To save Ijin from 002’s assault, this guy had arrived. While the young man realized Ijin was not the same man he had been before, he still decided to murder him. Now, however, is the moment to press 002 for details regarding his many activities to date. The details of the upcoming one are provided below.

002’s admirers will continue the narrative in the next arc. There is undoubtedly more to learn about this man’s past. Mission results from the previous mission have not yet been shown on the displays. What happens next should, therefore, be fascinating.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125: What Happens Next?

The introduction of Cha Dusik was both unexpected and welcome relief. At the end of the day, he’s the one who ends up keeping 001 from meeting an untimely end. Chapter 125 of Mercenary Enrollment will then begin with a discussion between these two characters. To begin, Dusik has a fundamental misunderstanding of where a gun would be appropriate in South Korea. To that end, he plans to address the group on the topic of Ijin’s family’s security.

In the latter episodes, viewers may also anticipate the development of several intriguing storylines. 002 hasn’t left us just yet. Dusik, assisted by Ijin, intends to capture the man and interrogate him about his goals and his network of accomplices. They don’t know what’s happening behind their backs, but it’s significant. It’s hard to locate any indications of it at this time, though.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125

Previous Chapter Summary!

Chapter 124 of Mercenary Enrollment began with a chat between Ijin and 002. The kid was curious as to the soldier’s method of detection. Whether it was 005, 006, or 032, he continued asking. But what the agent cared about most was whether or not Ijin could recall previous events. He then claims that he returned for the express purpose of killing the traitor. Rapidly, they went from zero to one on one conversation.

In the midst of the conflict, he threatened to harm anyone around 001. Thus, he would understand the pain of losing a loved one. Although the combat was about to begin, 002 discovered that Ijin was not responsible for the deaths of the other mercenaries, and so they called off the battle. And they all gathered down to discuss the situation at hand. It appeared, though, that 002 had a strategy all his own. He brandished a firearm and attempted murder on the youngster. Unfortunately for him, he is rescued at the last second.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125: Publication Date

This release has not been delayed due to any such announcements. This means that the next one will be available to fans in a couple of days. As this is the case, the last possible release date for Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 125 is February 25, 2023. Only on the official Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage pages will you be able to read all of the manhwa’s chapters. As we get additional information, we will add it to this area.