Miharu And Jekyll’s Date In Witch Watch Chapter 93! Launch Date

Fans were pleased with Chapter 92 of Witch Watch because of the humor it contained. After reading the chapter, readers’ stomachs hurt. Fans, however, are intrigued to see how Keigo and Moi will handle their minor issue with the rose in Witch Watch Chapter 93. Reddit users also wish for Miharu and Jekyll’s romance to blossom like a twilight rose. Fans were also actively rooting for diversity in the previous installment. In order to learn more, continue reading for more chapter 93 spoilers.

Nico misses the opportunity to hang out with Moi and Keigo. Fans are therefore expecting that she would luck out in the upcoming chapter. Additionally, the background of the twilight rose and other details will be fascinating. So, now you know everything there is to know about the next chapter.

Witch WatchWhat Will Take Place Next In Chapter 93 Of Witch Watch?

The rose that brings Morihito and Keigo together will be the main topic of Witch Watch Chapter 93. It will be interesting to see how the rose stem eventually releases the two or whether the rose will keep the two bound for a longer amount of time. People also believed the two to be a couple because of how they were tied together. This presumption made by others could cause confusion in the chapters that follow. It might even cause people to think of them as a couple, which would make things worse for the two of them.

The opinions of Miharu’s classmates regarding his and Jekyll’s bonding will also be explored in the following chapter. It will also be interesting to observe whether Jekyll continues to respond angrily to the circumstance or if he eventually adapts and changes. Who will be the next victim of the twilight rose stem? We won’t know till the following chapter.

Witch WatchRecap Of The Prior Chapter

Miharu cut a particular rose known as a “Twilight Rose” that has been handed down through multiple vampire families and decades in Witch Watch Chapter 92. He asks Kan to stab the new sort of rose into his arm because he wants to create a new kind of rose. Morihito’s arrival, though, cuts off his request. Thank goodness, Morihito agrees, and the rose draws his blood. Moi and Nico are joined by the rose’s expanding stem. But Miharu stops Nico as she tries to cut it with a knife.

The rose switches its aim when Keigo shows up, binding Moi and Keigo instead of Nico. The two are connected together by the rose stem in various places throughout the day. The following day, Jekyll pays a visit to the residence and later finds himself connected to Miharu by the same rose stem. Miharu appeared to be delighted about the rose’s new prey, but Jekyll displayed surprise.

Witch WatchChapter 93 Of Witch Watch: The Release Date

On January 11, 2023, the new chapter will be made available. The good news is that the release of the most recent chapter continues uninterrupted. Fans will be able to read it on Viz Media.