My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Release Date, Raw Scans and Spoilers

Midoriya Izuku, a normal boy in a world full of quirks, aiming to be the top number 1 hero and bring a smile on people’s faces, is brought to his senses when his classmate and childhood bully reminds him that he is quirkless and will never amount to anything in his life. Continue reading for My Hero Academia Chapter 412 release date, raw scans and spoilers.

Coincidently, Midoriya happens to be the main character and meets the current number 1 hero ‘All Might’ and after convincing him, he gets trained and finds out the strength behind the number one hero who is also a quirkless person who got his powers handed down to him by his late master.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Release Date, Raw Scans and Spoilers

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Midoriya vs Shigaraki – Final Battle

In chapter 411, Midoriya is seen getting his quirk stolen by Shigaraki and being used by him. Danger sense allowed Midoriya to avoid many injuries and unseen attacks and due to exhaustion, he got touched by Shigaraki for barely a second which ended up him having the ‘Danger sense’ quirk taken away from him.

The remaining other one for all users are seen trying to explain to Midoriya the danger and risk of touching Shigaraki, while on of the user is seen being completely afraid and overtaken by fear as he knows that another touch by Shigaraki can lead to their consciousness being wiped out and their seat as a one for all users being eradicated.

Midoriya is shown to continue his fight against Shigaraki even though he understands the risk of getting touched much less being caught by him.

Their battle leads them towards mount Fuji, where Midoriya is shown wrapped in ‘Black whip’ to protect himself from being touched again. Whereas Shigaraki is already looking like he has won the battle with simply destroying Mt. Fuji and causing lava to overspill and cause more chaos.

Midoriya is already at his limit and is quirks are starting to get exhausted, meanwhile Shigaraki looks like he just getting started. Midoriya not ready to give on Shigaraki being a human, Shigaraki getting ready to steal Midoriya’s quirk and kill him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Release Date & Time

My Hero Academia releases a new chapter every 2 weeks unless informed before. Chapter 411 was released on the 27th of December 2023’.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 release date is set to 7th of Jan 2024. Time Zone will differ according to the global release time as follows :

  • Japan (JST) – 12 AM
  • United States: Chicago (CST) – 10 AM
  • United States: Los Angeles (PST) – 7 AM
  • Europe (CEST) – 5 PM
  • Samoa (SST) – 11 PM
  • South Korea (KST) – 12 PM

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My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Raw Scans

The following chapter’s spoilers and raw scans are eagerly anticipated by all fans. As the premiere date draws nearer, fans can conjecture and make assumptions about the upcoming scenes.

Manga fans are aware that each story’s raw scans are released three days prior to the final publication. The date of release is likely to be January 4, 2024. Fans can savour the earlier chapters and the tale of our protagonist by marking the date.

Where to read My Hero Academia Manga

Manga fans may read My Hero Academia on many different platforms. The first three episodes of the complete series may be found on Viz Media’s official website and Shueisha’s MANGAPlus service for free. For those who desire complete access, Shueisha’s premium Shonen Jump + app is the greatest choice; it grants users access to the entire series.

Given the growing popularity of the manga and its anime, which also enjoys a substantial following through various unofficial sites, we do not endorse or encourage any sort of piracy.

My Hero Academia Chapter 412 Spoilers

Will Midoriya Lose One For All

There is a lot of conjecture among fans over a major narrative point in My Hero Academia, which is the question of if Midoriya, Hero name – Deku, will lose his abilities. Until now, Horikoshi, the creator of the manga, has kept this aspect well under wraps, so the solution is unknown.

Still, there are several debates and clues that suggest alternative outcomes.

Justifications for Deku’s demise:

The risks associated with One for All: One For All is a quirk that can be extremely powerful and potentially lethal, imposing a great deal of physical strain on its user. Using it has already caused Deku to sustain serious injuries, and the manga has highlighted the possibility of him ultimately crippling himself.

Themes of sacrifice and selflessness: My Hero Academia often explores themes of heroism and sacrifice. Deku’s journey is built on his determination to become a hero like All Might, even if it means putting his own well-being at risk. 

Losing his powers could be a defining moment of selflessness, showing his willingness to protect others even without superpowers.

Storytelling potential: Losing his powers could force Deku to grow and adapt in new ways, leading to unexpected character development and plot twists. It could also open opportunities for other characters to shine and contribute to the fight against evil.

Fan Reactions to My Hero Academia Chapter 411

Fans love the gorgeous narrative in the latest chapter. Deku’s character development from an immature student at U.A. High to a professional hero who understands the complex dynamics of heroes and villains resonated with the audience. As we see in this Twitter post, Deku now stands tall taking the heroic stance on his idol All Might.

Izuku goes in for one final blow with all of his might, with compassion for this foe proclaiming that he is just a ‘human’ as he upholds the podium of justice.

Kohei Horikoshi, the mangaka of My Hero Academia has won the hearts of the fans with this phenomenal ending to a breathtaking arc.

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-Written by Keenan Banker