My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 5: The Furry Conundrum! Plot & Publication Date

Nekotani now has feelings for Pochita. Still, at what expense? The only result has been an altercation between him and Inukai. Now that Inukai has committed to bring Pochita to Nekotani’s residence, things are bound to heat up. The solution to this furry dilemma lies in Pochita’s paws. This concludes our summary of the fifth episode of My Life as Inukai’s Dog and its airtime.

Pochita is going to visit Nekotani’s house in the next episode of My Life as Inukai’s Dog. When will he get to meet his parents? It will be fascinating to see what comes out of this conference. If you want to know more, you should keep reading.

My Life as Inukai’s Dog Episode 5

My Life As Inukai’s Dog Episode 5: What Happens Next?

The fifth episode of My Life as Inukai’s Dog is titled “Escape,” and the preview video hints that Pochita will visit Nekotani’s house. To add insult to injury, he’ll try to get out of the fight, too. Pochita hasn’t seen his human family since he turned into a dog. However, the moment to take the chance is now. However, he might have to seduce Nekotani in the process. Yes, this will make Inukai green with envy. The two girls will now engage in combat with one another.

However, the cause of Pochita’s rapid change remains unknown. Perhaps in the following episode, we’ll learn what happened to him to wake him up in such a shattered condition. Consequently, he may decide to quit Inukai. They never actually interacted with one another. However, they have many common pursuits. It’s probable that Pochita’s transformation into a dog was triggered by this resonance. The full explanation, though, will become clear only with time.

My Life as Inukai’s Dog Episode 5

A Quick Summary!

Episode 4 of My Life as Inukai’s Dog was titled “A Dog’s Heart.” Pochita was taken aback when she saw Inukai decked out as a canine. Further astonishment was added when Inukai produced a gadget capable of translating dog noises. Pochita found that odd and told Inukai he loved her, but the machine interpreted his words as calling her abnormal. When Pochita’s mom came in, she was humiliated when she asked whether it was strange that Pochita liked just dogs. Pochita’s encounter with Inukai took him back to his human days.

He was an isolated individual with only Usagi Tsukishiro for company. Not only that, but gardening was his one and only pastime. Pochita fell in love with Inukai when he assured her that her strange passion was actually quite normal. When Inukai finally got home, he was so exhausted that he went to bed right away. Pochita saw this as a chance to send a parcel to Nekotani’s residence, allowing him to sneak out and visit his parents. From Inukai’s phone, Pochita learned that she had been looking for extra work. At some point, Inukai drove Pochita to Nekotani’s residence.

My Life as Inukai’s Dog Episode 5

My Life as Inukai’s Dog Episode 5: Publication Date

Each week, there’ll be a new episode of this show available. The fifth installment of My Life as Inukai’s Dog will debut on February 4, 2022. Only on Crunchyroll’s official pages will the next chapter be available. Please revisit this page for any further changes.