New Trailer of “Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” Introduces Atsuko Tanaka

‘The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic’ is an exciting story of a trio who are taken into a different world as heroes. The kingdom hopes these heroes save them from the demon king and his army.

However, Usato, our protagonist, is dragged along as the third wheel and is deemed not to have the “hero” potential. Things begin to change when the rescue team leader teaches him the different secrets of healing magic. An anime adaptation was announced back in May. And the staff are back with more details.

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic anime debuted its “first official” full trailer. In addition to previewing the voices for the first time, the trailer announces the cast member Atsuko Tanaka. The anime will premiere in 2024.

The brief trailer was released with subtitles in English, Japanese, and Chinese. The trailer also introduces the music composer Elements Garden (Hitoshi Fujima. Seima Kondō).

It features the story of Usato, a healing-type magic user. Usato gets drafted into the rescue team by Rose. He learns how to use his healing magic in unconventional ways to become stronger.

The official website has announced the cast members, and here is the list.

CharacterCastOther Works
UsatoShōgo SakataFire Force (Karin Sasaki)
SuzuneAyaka NanaseIn the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki (Itadori)
KazukiKengo TakanashiGiven (Shôgo Itaya)
AmakoSaya AizawaIn the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki (Kagetsu)
RoseAtsuko TanakaGhost in The Shell(Major Motoko Kusanagi)

Isekai has undoubtedly become the most popular genre of all time. However, the rate at which the authors are churning out sub-par isekai anime is worrying. The novelty of this genre is quickly wearing off, and nothing seems to surprise us anymore.

The protagonist reincarnates as a spider. No one bats an eye. The genre is quickly reaching saturation, and these new anime aren’t helping the cause. “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” may be an exciting story, but it isn’t going to create waves. It will entertain a few fans and die down.

About The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is a Japanese light novel series written by Kurokata and illustrated by KeG.

The story revolves around Usato, an ordinary high schooler who happens to run into two fellow students after school one rainy day. Suddenly, all three of them are engulfed in a magic circle and transported to a fantasy world. There’s just one tiny problem—Usato is simply dragged along by accident!

On top of that, Usato learns that he is capable of using healing magic—an incredibly rare affinity in this new world. Now Usato must spend his days with the rescue team thugs, struggling through their hellish training regimen and learning the wrong way to use healing magic.

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