Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch 2, might release in March 2024

When the Nintendo Switch was released six years ago in March, very few would have thought that the Switch would go on to become such a phenomenon.

At the 7th anniversary of the Nintendo Switch in March 2024, Nintendo is looking to release their next console, dubbed the “Switch 2,” as per reputed leaker “NateTheHate.”

Jez Corden of Windows Centralalso revealed earlier that there was a possible closed-door unveiling and a first look at the upcoming Switch 2 at the Gamescom event for industry insiders and select review channels.

While this rumor was only partially dismissed by NateTheHate earlier, his confirmation of the rumored closed-door meeting shows that there might be a hint of truth after all.

Given that Nintendo generally announces consoles 4-5 months ahead of its full release, the March release window may be just for the reveal of the upcoming console.

NateTheHate confirms the persistent rumor that the Nintendo Switch 2 prototype at Gamescom could run The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 4K-60FPS in TV mode.

This is a huge jump compared to the Nintendo Switch, which, in docked mode, can hit only 30 FPS at 1080p. The frame rate can sometimes be closer to 15-20FPS in the latest Tears of the Kingdom.

The decision to use The Legend of Zelda as a demo title was quite strategic by Nintendo. While displaying the hardware capabilities of the upcoming console, they also assured fans that the console would have backward compatibility.

This would mean they would not have to purchase titles in the Switch library again. This is consistent with Nintendo’s history, which provided backward compatibility whenever possible for them.

Nintendo Switch successor to release soon after the announcement

Yet another rumor surrounding the upcoming Switch 2 is that it might feature a camera. This stems from the fact that the Switch 2 could offer VR/AR facilities.

While VR and AR seem a bit far-fetched, a new Nintendo console being just around the corner is not so hard to believe. The coming few months will be exciting for Nintendo fans, who will be looking to get their hands on the latest console with the best hardware to play their favorite titles on the go.

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