[On Break] Black Clover 364 Spoilers, Raw Scans, New Publication date

In Black Clover 364, the conflict between the Black Bulls and Lucius’ paladin Damantio will escalate to a new level due to Damantio’s anger at the Black Bulls for their resistance to Lucius’ plan to create a peaceful utopia.

Black Clover Chapter 334 Raw Scan, …

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Black Clover Chapter 334 Raw Scan, Spoilers Reddit, Release Date, and Where To Read Chapter Online?

In the prior chapter, we saw Lucius telling Yuno that he was not strong enough to oppose him. Then he remarked that Yuno appeared to be quite fond of Asta. Then he turned to Asta, explaining that it was of no consequence whether or not Asta was still alive, because he would not be returning to save them.

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Black Clover 364

While visiting the witches’ grove, we witnessed the Black Bulls attacking Damnatio and warning him not to disrupt the spell they were conducting to revive Asta. After that, Damantio cast “Scale Magic: Scale Dominate” on them. Then he declared that he would not allow anyone to disrupt the peaceful society Lucius was working to establish. The angels then joined forces and attacked Black Bulls with a beam.

The conversation then turned to Yami and Morgen, and Morgen explained that Lucius is working to end the world’s curse. Then he told Yami what had happened in the woods and invited her to come along. Yami turned down his offer, explaining that they no longer collaborate and that he is instead responsible for his own team. After the attack was thwarted by the Black Bulls back in the forest, Damantio became enraged and declared that their actions were completely ridiculous.

Black Clover Chapter 364 New Publication Date

The next chapter of Black Clover 364 will appear in the upcoming edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, on sale Sunday, July 9, 2023.On Wednesday, at the regular time, we will post raw scans and spoilers.

Black Clover 364 New Publication Date9th July 2023
Black Clover 364 Raw Scans and Spoilers release5th July 2023

Black Clover Chapter 364 Raw Scans

Even though the Black Clover manga is on hiatus this week, the raw scans for chapter 364 will be posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, at the regular publication hour. As soon as we have more details on the upcoming chapter of Black Clover, we will post an article about it.

Black Clover Chapter 364 Spoilers

On the 5th of July 2023, not only will the raw scans of Black Clover 364 be made available, but so will spoilers. There will be a week of waiting for the leaks while the manga takes a vacation, but we promise it will be worth it. new time, on Wednesday, July 5th, we’ll have all the juicy details regarding the new Black Clover chapter, so stay tuned!

Where to read Black Clover 364?

Black Clover Chapter 364 is available in two official formats. The latest chapter is available on the Manga Plus app and website, and you can read the previous chapters on the Viz media website, which is an official partner with Shonen Jump for English subs.

Some of the chapters are available for free, but if you want to read the whole manga you’ll need to sign up for a membership or subscription.

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