One Piece 1105 Raw Scans & Spoilers Explained: Sanji vs Kizaru!

One Piece is shocking its fans with each new chapter. One Piece Chapter 1104 featured Kuma vs Saturn and new things were revealed. But One Piece Chapter 1105 has a lot more to offer that will make fans beg for more. Waiting for chapters for a whole week isn’t easy but there are always leaks and spoilers. In this article, we will mention all the spoilers related to One Piece Chapter 1105 and One Piece Chapter 1105 raw scans.

One Piece 1105 Raw Scans & Spoilers Explained: Sanji vs Kizaru!

One Piece Chapter 1105 Raw Scans

One Piece 1105 raw scans and spoilers are now available. Have a look at the linked post and go through the manga panels. We can read the official One Piece manga on the MangaPlus website.

ONE PIECE Chapter 1105 — RAWS
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One Piece 1105 Spoilers

Chapter 1105 of One Piece sees the World Government initiating a Buster Call on Egghead Island due to its concerns about individuals like Vegapunk, who is likely to be a Poneglyph translator, and Luffy, the person that has awakened an ancient god.

Kizaru, previously floored by Luffy, rebounds and targets Straw Hat Pirates as well as would-be evacuees. Leaks indicate that the rocket system is damaged by Kizaru thus denying any escape to Labophase.

“The Most Idiotic Peak” chapter takes us through how Luffy is found near an Automatic Cooking Machine. At Labophase, Kizaru interrupts the transport tube leaving panic and confusion as Vegapunk et al fall. A command given by Saint Saturn instructs Pacifista cyborgs to attack them.

The climax shows how the Marine ship sent to sink a civilian carrying the people of Egghead is destroyed. The attacker remains unknown, hence leading to guesses – some fans are suggesting Blackbeard Pirates while others are thinking about Monkey D. Dragon and Revolutionary Army.

The final part concludes with a Marine warning Kizaru about the imminent danger that awaits Egghead Island.

Despite initial spoilers, the official translation may provide more details. The fanmade scanlation suggests a focus on the “peak of stupidity” as Saint Saturn orders the attack on Vegapunk and Bonney, marking a crucial development in the chapter.

The overarching theme is the escalating chaos and imminent confrontations as major players converge on Egghead Island.

The Arrival of Blackbeard Pirates

Within One Piece chapter 1079, a ship with the flag of Blackbeard’s pirates was seen near Egghead Island which hints at their opportunistic nature. Blackbeard and his comrades fight the heart pirates while Lafitte and Catarina Devon may be among the third subgroup who are also suspected to be near Egghead.

Some speculation has been made that because of their stealth abilities they may undertake undercover missions rather than confrontations. It is equally possible that Blackbeard pirates may also visited that place and have fights there.

Battle Between Sanji and Kizaru

Chapter 1105 is anticipated as one where Sanji will possibly face off with Kizaru on Egghead. A long-anticipated battle is impending due to Kizaru’s speed and both of them being good at kicking techniques.

This precarious situation, hinted at by the author, suggests an intense showdown, thus making it a turning point for Sanji’s fans. The leaks suggest something big is happening to Sanji adding suspense for updates from Egghead Island.

Return of Luffy and the Revolutionary Army

In One Piece Chapter 1105, excitement rises because Luffy is expected to make a dramatic comeback after re-energizing his energy at a vending machine. Recent spoilers indicate Luffy’s return will be critical since he will face Saturn, making Sanji go against Kizaru.

The final battles are about to occur on Egghead Island where Zoro will be up against Lucci. This chapter builds towards these conflicts, and there could be some delays in Oda’s storytelling but One Piece will not have any break after this chapter.

Fans are speculating whether the Revolutionary Army will be involved in these events, especially Dragon given the connection between them and Bartholomew Kuma. However, getting there might become a problem due to logistical reasons. The chapter is due for release on January 28th, 2024, and promises to bring about exciting events and maybe a long-awaited reunion between Luffy and his father.

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One Piece Chapter 1104 Recap

The encounter between Saturn and Kuma in One Piece chapter 1104 unfolds when Kuma lands a heavy blow on Saturn severely wounding him. This punch comes from the Haki’s injection and the BuCcaneer’s physical might that shatters the face, horn, and limbs of Saturn. It is an act that must happen to serve as Kuma’s closure and redemption and Oda exhibits his mastery of storytelling.

However weakened he may seem, there is an evident rapid tissue regeneration ability within Saturn due to his nameless power. The grievous wounds from Kuma are healed fast to demonstrate a level of healing beyond even that of Marco the Phoenix, who can restore life after death. This chapter also demonstrates the internal struggle in Kizaru who is torn between sympathizing with Bonney and attacking the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji intervenes between Saturn and Bonney as Straw Hat Pirates take over again; Franky uses Radical Beam but falls victim to a counter-attack by Kizaru. Concurrently, Dr Vegapunk discloses that he put a self-destruct in Kuma which was supposed to just incapacitate him not kill him. This disclosure puts more meaning into his unexpected appearance.

Saturn enraged and regenerating, orders a Buster Call to obliterate Egghead Island, targeting Dr. Vegapunk, Kuma, and Luffy. The stage is set for a chaotic and intense war, promising an exciting phase of the arc. The chapter concludes with anticipation for the upcoming developments as the Straw Hat Pirates face formidable challenges. Overall, Oda skillfully intertwines action, character development, and plot twists, leaving readers eager for the unfolding drama in the next chapters.

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