One Piece Chapter 1077: Launch Date, Plot & Spoiler!

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One Piece

Japanese mangaka Eiichiro Oda created and draws One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy, a young rubber man who idolizes the mighty pirate Red-Haired Shanks, sets out from the East Blue Sea in search of the legendary treasure known as the One Piece so that he can declare himself King of the Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 1077: Launch Date

The next chapter of One Piece will come out on March 5, 2023.

Here is a timeline for fans who follow the show at different times.

  • 8:00 am, March 05, Pacific Daylight Time
  • 10:00 am, March 05, Central Daylight Time
  • 11:00 am, March 05, Eastern Daylight Time
  • 4:00 pm, March 05, British Summertime
  • 8:30 pm, March 05, Indian Standard time
  • 11:00 pm, March 05, Philippine time

One Piece Chapter 1076: Summary!

One Piece Chapter 1076
One Piece Chapter 1076

S-Hawk attacks the group with a Dice-Dice Fruit, also known as Daz Bones’ Devil Fruit. After Zoro and Luffy rescue Kaku and Lucci yet again, Kaku tells them that they will fail as long as they keep saving CP0. When Shaka, a Vegapunk, inquires as to the purpose of their visit, Lucci is forthright in saying that they intend to eliminate all seven of the Vexapunks.

While Luffy fights Gear Fourth in his Awakened Hybrid form, Lucci transforms into Gear Fourth in his unawakened form. They use a Six King Gun and a Gum-Gum Kong Gun to launch S-Bear from the building. Base form Zoro and base form Kaku use Purgatory Onigiri and Tempest Kick: White Thunder on S-Hawk to temporarily eliminate the Seraphim threat.

We see Shanks again in this chapter. The crew of the Euastass Kid sends a message to Captain Euastass Kid, demanding that he hand over all of the Road Poneglyph rubbings or else they will attack. It turns out that Kid is no stranger to SHnak’s gang. Kid loses his arm in the fight, before he even comes into contact with Shanks. The artificial arm he now uses is a constant reminder of the war in which he participated.

One Piece Chapter 1077: Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1077
One Piece Chapter 1077

The Red-Haired Pirates and the Kid Pirates will likely square off in One Piece Chapter 1077. It will be many chapters before Shanks and Kid engage in battle. Alternatively, it can center on Egghead Island, where Luffy and his crew are currently stationed. In addition, it may delve deeper into the incarceration of Vega punk by Cipher Pol agents. Perhaps the traitor can be identified with the help of the detained agents.

In the upcoming chapter, we’ll get our first look at Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. The storyline of Marco and Bakkin could be continued in the next chapter. The last thing they talked about was how Vegapunk knew Weevil’s true parentage and how Ryokugyu had captured him.

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Where to read?

It is available to read and watch on the websites Crunchyroll, Manga Plus, and Viz Media.