One Piece Chapter 1102 Raw Scans Release Date and Spoilers

The One Piece manga and anime have been in the works for a very long time and now we are coming close to the ending as the “Mugiwara” crew is now at Egghead Island battling against the marines to protect “Dr.Vegapunk” while escaping from the marines. Read ahead to know more about One Piece chapter 1102 raw scans and release date.

The One Piece chapter 1101 started with a flashback featuring Kuma and his journey to the Goa Kingdom while accompanying the Revolutionary army. He convinced made Dragon tell him about his son, Monkey D Luffy, who lived nearby in the Goa Kingdom. Post this scene, it is shown Kuma is watching Luffy train in the jungle and receives a call from the marines and leaves.

Kuma is then seen writing letters to Bonney about his journeys but unaware of the fact that not a single letter was reaching her as they were intercepted and destroyed. Bonny escapes from Alpha and making a run to the sea in search of her father Kuma.

One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date

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One Piece Chapter 1102 Release Date and Time

The One Piece chapter 1102 release date is on Christmas Eve i.e., 25th of December 2023. The release time for the upcoming chapter is:

  • Japan (JST): 12:00 Am
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 03:00 Pm
  • Pacific Time (PT): 08:00 Am
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST): 07:00 Am
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): 11:00 Am
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 08:30 Pm

This new chapter will have a one-week break in the middle and air right on Christmas as it develops anxiousness and excitement in the hearts of all the readers.

One Piece Chapter 1102 Raw scans 

One piece chapter 1102 raw scans will be uploaded on Reddit and Twitter on the 19th of December and actual scans on the 23rd of December.  

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1102

One Piece can be read on multiple different websites including Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Manga Plus, and many more websites.

Viz Media and Manga Plus are two sites where they can be read online for free and Shonen Jump needs to be paid for with a subscription.

One Piece Chapter 1102 Spoilers and Theories

There could be a situation where the Mugiwara crew is desperately trying to run away from Saint Saturn.

Meanwhile while Luffy is battling Lucci from CP0 and Saint Saturn hoping to get his crew and Dr.Vegapunk to safety.

Kuma is born to help Luffy!

A recent fan theory suggests that child Kuma’s bloodline is “Buccaneer.” Being so he was given the task of guarding the Nika Nika No Mi devil fruit. And if a day came when it was eaten to help the person in awakening the devil fruit powers.

As a child, Kuma was kidnapped and held prisoner and believed in the Sun god Nika. One day he would come and save them and spread joy and laughter to the world.

Throughout the series, we have seen multiple instances where Kuma has protected or helped the straw hat crew. First when he sent them all to different places allowing them to escape from admiral Kizaru. And secondly when he protected the ‘thousand sunny’ for two years and waited for the straw hat crew to return.

Fan theory suggests that when Kuma first saw Luffy training he realized that he had eaten the Gomu Gomu No Mi later to be known as the ‘Nika Nika no mi’. That’s when he decided that as long as he had his consciousness, he would protect him. And wait until he awakened his devil fruit becoming the Sun God Nika.

Another theory suggests that when Kuma sent the straw hats to different locations during the Sabaody arc, he sent them all to places where they could train and become stronger. Theory suggests that Kuma was trying to send Luffy to Sorbet Kingdom where he hailed from. He hoped that Luffy could grow stronger there and help Bonney or even recruit her into his crew to keep her safe from CP0.

These are all fan theories and speculation, they have not been given any weight or reaction from Oda the creator of One Piece. So requesting the audience to take it with a grain on salt.

Latest One Piece New

Manga readers and anime fans will be glad to hear that the One Piece anime is getting a reboot, titled “The One Piece.” The studio behind this operation is Wit Studio, known for its contributions to anime like Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, and Evangelion.

Indeed it is an exciting time for One Piece fans. “The One Piece” is likely to be similar to Dragon Ball Kai, a narratively condensed version of the story to deliver all the plot points and go through the story faster.

There are still many questions like the animation style, key animators, release date, and the number of episodes; unfortunately, we have yet to come across any official statements regarding these points. As of now, all fans can do is wait for further announcements,

Stay tuned with all One Piece news with Orianime.

-Written by Keenan Banker