One Piece Episode 1058: Sanji’s Biggest Fear! Publication Date

The character of Sanji has generated the most interest among OP viewers. His conflict with Queen has revived several old news stories. Due to his background, this Straw Hat had always been worried that he would follow in his family’s terrible footsteps. But as Sanji engages in battle after battle, he comes to understand that the impulses are great. However, he must not give in to or succumb to such urges. Without further ado, let me fill you in on all the details of the next episode, One Piece 1058.

Zoro will carry on lending a hand to Sanji in the subsequent one. However, the second would have to bore the burden of the entire battle on his own. In contrast, Luffy is busy fighting his own battles. What happens next is definitely something to keep an eye on!

One Piece Episode 1058

One Piece Episode 1058: What Happens Next?

The episode trailer makes it apparent that Zoro will be the focus of the next episode. Title of the following one: “The Onslaught of Kazenbo, Orochi’s Evil Clutches Close In”. Based on the sneak peek, Zoro appears to be the episode’s major protagonist. The man was overjoyed to answer Sanji’s appeal and return to the thick of the battle. Sanji feared that he, too, would turn into a monster like the rest of his ancestors.

One of his closest pals, Zoro, will be present to dissuade him. The planned trip is expected to focus primarily on the fight. Fans won’t know who won or lost until this is over. What this violence and conflict ultimately leads to will be fascinating to witness.

One Piece Episode 1058

Previous Episode Summary!

One Piece Episode 1057 opens with Apoo and Drake planning their next move as the battle nears its conclusion. They anticipate complete devastation after the Onigashima invasion. As a result, preparations were made for an immediate departure from the area. Drake, however, was disagreeing with the verdict. This causes the two to get into a violent altercation. Members of the CP0 were engaged in combat with our heroes, who were attempting to rescue Nico Robin from the other side of the island.

In this respect, too, Brook maintained her isolation from the World Government. The show then shifted its focus to Sanji. As he continued the struggle, the warrior couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that he was becoming a beast like the rest of his family. In the episode’s climax, Zoro teams up with Sanji to finally stop the Queen’s craziness.

One Piece Episode 1058

One Piece Episode 1058: Publication Date

The season of One Piece has returned from its longest break ever. And viewers wouldn’t have to wait more than a couple of days to get caught up. That leaves April 17, 2023 as the definitive premiere date for One Piece Episode 1058. Only on Netflix and Crunchyroll’s official pages will you be able to find all of the episodes of the anime. As soon as we have further information, we will add it here.