One Piece Episode 1078 Release Date And What To Expect

Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece episode 1078 release date and spoilers.

One Piece Episode 1078 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1078 is set to be released on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

Here are the times at which One Piece episode 1078 will be available on Crunchyroll worldwide:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 6:00 pm, Saturday, September 30
  • Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 pm, Saturday, September 30
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 2:00 am, Sunday, October 1
  • Central European Time: 3:00 am, Sunday, October 1
  • Indian Standard Time: 7:30 am, Sunday, October 1
  • Philippine Standard Time: 10:00 am, Sunday, October 1
  • Japanese Standard Time: 11:00 am, Sunday, October 1
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 11:30 am, Sunday, October 1

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Episode 1077 RecapEpisode 1077 Recap

One Piece Episode 1078 What To ExpectOne Piece Episode 1078 What To Expect

One Piece Episode 1078 will first introduce Momonosuke as Wano’s next shogun. However, what’s unclear is if the anime will stretch this out to comprise the entire episode or if other events will follow it. If it is stretched out to fill the entire episode, fans can expect anime-original scenes focusing on what Momonosuke’s return means for some individuals.

Assuming the latter, One Piece episode 1078 will likely focus on addressing what casualties, if any, the Pirate Ninja Mink Samurai alliance suffered during the raid. A similar focus will likely be given to any major characters on Kaido and Orochi’s side who may have died during the battle.

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Where to watch?

you can watch it on Crunchyroll, and Funimation.