One Piece Episode 1084 Release Date : Man With Burn Scars

The episode starts off dealing with the aftermath of the battle with Greenbull. Shinobu and Raizo are injured by the attacks, and Chopper treats them. After a rollercoaster of emotions fans felt watching the latest episode, there is still a lot more to wait for in One Piece Episode 1084 release date set to Sunday next week.

Meanwhile, Kin’emon visits Tsurujo in Okobore town, which was burned during the attacks of Kaido’s subordinates. Sukiyaki reveals himself to his grandchildren, and while the Akazayaakazaya Nine figured it out long before the reveal, we along with Kin’emon are surprised by the news.

Sukiyaki wants to be in retirement without the country knowing his life status, but he promised to help Momo rule Wano.

One Piece Episode 1084 Release Date

Robin tells the straw hats about the existence of Pluton under the Wano country. And as we all know, Luffy doesn’t want an upper hand, so he says he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Caribou overhears this news from his hiding spot.

We then see the three pirate groups breaking the alliance and deciding in what direction they must continue. Law takes the direction close to the middle, while Luffy loses the game of ruffle with Kidd and takes the northeast direction, with Kidd taking the east.

Law wants everyone to have a fair game and gives Kidd and Luffy a copy of Road Poneglyff. He mysteriously walks away while Kidd says that the clue for the final piece lies with the man with burn scars. Luffy doesn’t know him, and neither do we. Continue reading to find out.

Cross Guild is established, with Hawkeye and Crocodile looking like Buggy’s subordinates. Cross Guild begins to give bounties to the navy, which is something no one ever expected. The episode ends with a preview of the next episode of The Straw Hats leaving Wano.

One Piece Episode 1084 Release Date and Where to Watch

One Piece episode 1084 release date is set to next sunday without any delays. It will be available on Crunchyroll by Sunday, 19th November in Japan.

The release date and time in various regions are listed below:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 6 PM, Saturday, November 18
  • Eastern Standard Time: 9 PM, Saturday, November 18
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 2 AM, Sunday, November 19
  • Central European Time: 3 AM, Sunday, November 19
  • Indian Standard Time: 7:30 AM, Sunday, November 19
  • Philippine Standard Time: 10 AM, Sunday, November 19
  • Japanese Standard Time: 11 AM, Sunday, November 19
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 PM, Sunday, November 19

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One Piece Episode 1084 Theories and Spoilers

Who is the man with burn marks?

Now we are talking about the man with a pretty common identification mark. Burn marks are something that most of the pirates and the people who knew about One Piece might have.

The first character that comes into our mind when we think about this is Jaguar D Saul from the battle of Ohara island. He was left with a burn mark and also was on an island that researches the poneglyff so he might be the one.

Spoiler Alert: Jaguar D Saul is still alive. But since we are talking about one piece, he might be related to someone on Roger’s crew. Rayleigh didn’t have one, nor did Gaban (As far as we know) so this might be a completely new character who might or might not be related to the Roger’s pirates.

When is the EggHead Island arc beginning

The next arc will probably begin by the end of November or in December since we are coming close to the manga. Although we might see a side story of the characters that are already present.

So we are not expecting the commencement of the next arc this month.

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Luffy tells the crew about his dream

Remember when Ace and Sabo laughed when Luffy told his dream? Luffy still holds onto the same dream and tells his crewmates about this. Most fans by this and are excited for what Luffy is going to do in the upcoming episodes.

The dream is still a mystery and the fan theories are still at their peak.

Momonosuke makes an oath to Luffy

Momonosuke makes an oath to become a man and protect the country, this will happen as Luffy leaves the country.

Yamato goes on a solo adventure

Just like Oden, Yamato decides to live like him so we might see Yamato going on a solo adventure and picking up a crew in the future. Although there’s no proof to confirm this.

Predictions for Episode 1084

From the latest episode, we know that the next episode is going to contain a flashback sequence of when Luffy came to Wano and a compilation of happy memories, with the ending being the Strwahats leaving the Wano country.

So the next episode is mostly going to be a recap, and the chances of it adapting a few manga panels of what’s happening outside Wano are highly unlikely.

One Piece episode 1085 will likely bring us up to speed with the story and might be the one to tell us what’s happening in the outside world. There are still two more chapters in the Wano arc yet to be animated.

To read for about One Piece, stay tuned with Orianime.