One Piece Live-Action Series On Netflix To Debut In 2023

Fans of anime and manga rightfully fear that the worst will happen if the properties are adapted into live-action films by Hollywood. The greatest narrative ever told, One Piece, has become Netflix’s newest casualty.

As soon as the concept was announced in 2017, supporters began to express concern. But the hopeful messages in the advertisements give us reason to believe that this time things will go differently.

As previously reported, Netflix has released a new key picture for the One Piece live-action series, which features Luffy and confirms the show’s 2023 premiere. You can also make out News Coo off in the distance, off into the picturesque horizon.

Although Oda is serving as the show’s executive producer, skepticism among viewers remains high. Even if we know Oda Sensei is supervising the whole thing, the history of live-action adaptations in the anime business is not encouraging.

Hollywood’s live-action adaptations of popular anime and manga series like Death Note and Dragon Ball have often been panned by fans and critics alike. But with the introduction of One Piece, it may all change.

In addition, Netflix has included a handy reminder feature so you won’t forget when the show finally drops. Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji stare out over the horizon and join Luffy in Going Merry in the identical image used for the reminder window.

This image was influenced by the “eye-catch” or commercial break cut sequences that appeared in the first few episodes of the anime.

One Piece Live-Action Visual
One Piece Live-Action Visual

Now that we know the premiere will happen this year, we can expect to learn more details like the trailer’s release date, the film’s supporting cast, and the movie’s running time. The first season will have 10 episodes, which will be more than enough to cover the East Blue Saga, and subsequent seasons will steadily extend the world.

Let’s wait and watch how this one develops.

One Piece

Eiichiro Oda created the One Piece comic series and draws the accompanying illustrations. Since July 22, 1997, you may read it in weekly installments in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine.

Gol D. Roger is the Pirate King since he owns everything in this universe. At the top of the tower of execution, he said his dying words: “My treasures?” In that case, feel free to take it. Please check that location; that’s where I dropped everything. These words inspired a whole fleet of dreamers to set sail towards the Grand Line in pursuit of One Piece. A new era has finally begun!

Young Monkey D. Luffy, aspiring to the same position as the world’s best pirate, also sails for the Grand Line in quest of One Piece. With a crew that includes a swordsman, marksman, navigator, chef, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, he is sure to have an experience to remember.