One Punch Man Chapter 176: Psykos X Fubuki! The Unveiling Of A New Manga-Only Character? Plot & Publication Date

Every shonen cliche was turned on its head in the previous chapter. It seems as though Murata is solely responsible for the One Punch Man manga’s narrative. The artist is back with yet another alluring chapter cover that divulges crucial details. Psykos was briefly missing from the pages. But Murata surprised the fans by bringing back the character just after the NNN month was over! He also presents a figure wearing a mask at the same time. What connection does he have to the Psychic Sisters arc? Is he the upcoming bad guy? You can learn all about One Punch Man Chapter 176 Plot & Release Date right here.

There is a lot happening right now in the manga. Murata still needs to link a lot of threads. More information about the Masked Man will be revealed in the following chapter. It appears that Psykos may know something about him. In addition, why did Fubuki ask Saitama to follow her? They are traveling where. Find out by reading on!

One Punch Man Chapter 176

One Punch Man Chapter 176: What Happens Next?

The new chapter’s title has not yet been revealed. Fans might still make many predictions regarding One Punch Man Chapter 176. The flashback fight between Psykos and Fubuki will go on after that. The reason Fubuki kissed her in the final panel of Chapter 175 is likewise a mystery. There was a great deal of debate among the fan base. The Hero Association appeared to be involved in dubious operations in the previous chapter. The masked figure praised the HA for providing Psykos to “them” during the prior encounter.

Even one of the Heads assured him not to worry because the HA was short on funds. This demonstrates how the HA is departing from its status as a Hero Organization. It is evolving into something akin to an elite fortress. Tsukuyomi will advance their study significantly because of the HA, the organization led by the masked guy. He suggests taking apart Psykos’ brain. What may be the cause? Her eyes grew wide in horror as she heard this. Does she remember any painful incidents with Tsukuyomi?

One Punch Man Chapter 176

This could be connected to the mask man’s forehead being stitched up. There may be others with stitches besides him. Fans witnessed a similar gasp during the Monster Association arc when Gearsper’s mask burst. Are individuals being converted to Espers by the Tsukuyomi group? More information about the nature of their study will be provided in the next chapter. It’s interesting to notice that the English translation of Tsukuyomi is Moon God. Does this group have any spiritual connections? Fans previously seen God controlling everything in a few chapters. Time will tell how Murata knits all of these threads together.

A Quick Summary!

One Punch Man Chapter 175 was titled “Visitor.” Black Sperm and Rover asked Saitama to let them remain with him at the beginning of the narrative. He agreed with Forte that whomever lost the battle would get to retain the two monster pets. Forte thought that was a fair exchange. A vehicle struck Forte as they were getting into it. Fubuki stepped out of the automobile. He was asked to accompany her party. Saitama concurred and departed, entrusting Forte with the custody of the creatures. To the Hero Association Headquarters Special Internment Facility, Fubuki brought him.

But because another person was already inside the facility, the security refused to let them in. Fans discovered Psykos imprisoned within the building. She was to be taken to his research center by a guy in a mask. According to the HA, all of her human rights were violated. As a result, the masked man’s gang is free to conduct any type of experiment on her. The panel switched to a flashback of Fubuki and Psykos’ fight from the Garou Arc while Fubuki waited outside. The narrative then moved to her time in high school.

One Punch Man Chapter 176

Fubuki apparently despised Psykos since she removed all the losers. Fubuki thought that in order to be the strongest, one must also be the weakest opponent. As retaliation, envious Fubuki one day blocked off Psykos’ abilities. Before Fubuki and Psykos’s duel in the Garou arc could begin, the chapter came to an end.

One Punch Man Chapter 176: Publication Date

The Tsukuyomi gang and the masked man are unquestionably manga-only. Murata has also overloaded the panels with fanservice, which many people are not very thrilled with. In the Psychic Sister Arc, no new characters are introduced through the plot of ONE. So, one can only speculate about what may occur next. One Punch Man Chapter 176 has not yet been given an official release date. However, it could be released by December 30, 2022. Keep returning to this website for new updates.