One Punch Man Chapter 177: ‘The God Theory’! Publication Date & Plot

In the last chapter’s flashback section, Psykos paints a gloomy picture of humanity’s future. The panel where she predicted the future turned into a jumble of black-and-white squiggles, suggesting a terrible conclusion. What did she anticipate that caused her to seem so horrified? Meanwhile, there have been recent flare-ups in hostilities between Psykos and Fubuki. But how precisely does Murata want to connect all of these dots?

The following chapter will take a lot of unexpected turns. Murata has introduced a new character to the manga who wasn’t in the webcomic’s initial version. Obviously, the webcomic’s plot is just a basic guide for the mangaka. You’ll have to keep reading to see what occurs next in Murata’s narrative.

One Punch Man Chapter 177
One Punch Man Chapter 177

One Punch Man Chapter 177: What Happens Next?

One Punch Man Chapter 177’s title has not yet been released online. The tale will center on Fubuki, Tatsumaki, and Psykos, however. The notorious Tsukuyomi gang won’t allow Tatsumaki get away with using Psykos. The previous two chapters have made it quite obvious that the group desires Psykos for her third eye.

Her propensity for seeing the future was hinted to in Chapter 176. And she is the only one who can forecast what is ahead for humanity. The Tsukuyomi Gang wants to investigate this future in order to further its clandestine goals. The panel of memories also implied that Psykos’s derangement and affiliation with the evil were caused by this bleak future. Can we put the responsibility for Pyskos’ madness on God? Following their conflict in the Garou arc, Fubuki triumphed against Psykos. But a huge otherworldly monster hovered over the pair. The story’s many elements come together to prove that God is using heroes to wipe out all of humanity.

Additionally, Vaccine Man and Homeless Emperor kept ranting about eradicating mankind, similar to Psykos in the Garou arc. God appears to view us as a plague that is destroying the world. It’s likely that God may eventually come to Earth in the next chapters to deal with the heroes. Thus, it was evident from Psykos’ distended veins in chapter 176 that God is looking for a vassal body.

One Punch Man Chapter 177
One Punch Man Chapter 177

A Quick Summary!

“Epicenter” was the subtitle for One Punch Man Chapter 176. Psykos and Fubuki are seen on the cover page of the chapter wearing their high school regalia. The panel then switched to a flashback when Psykos informed Fubuki that their organization for the study of the supernatural had united with their rival organization, Invisible Hand. Psykos went back to the library and started researching Third Eye. She succeeded in pulling it off, seizing control of the energy. She began having dreams in which she saw the future, and that was when everything began. Psykos suddenly lost interest in winning the race and instead intended to wipe the field clean.

Her facial veins protruded, showing clearly how God had been working in her life. The conversation turned to their dispute in the Garou arc as they reminisced about their high school years. She was vanquished and taken into Fubuki’s forearms. She asked what Psykos envisioned in the future. But they were immediately overshadowed by a vast network of’veins’ that resembled a cloud. Even Fubuki had started to sense God’s presence among them by this point. The discussion then switched to the present day at headquarters. Fubuki and Saitama rudely interrupted Tsukuyomi’s meeting. The gang declared Psykos to be their possession. Nevertheless, Fubuki foresaw that Tatsumaki would shortly enter the HQ and murder Psykos.

One Punch Man Chapter 176
One Punch Man Chapter 176

Tatsumaki made her debut appearance after several chapters while Tsukuyomi and Fubuki sparred. Tatsumaki wasn’t really killing Psykos; he was only pretending to. She want to prevent her from coming into contact with the gang. She was jailed by this organization and served as a test subject for their experiments. Saitama, however, fell into the deepest portions of HQ as a result of the floor break that was created by all of these psychics. Saitama was now encircled by creatures of the dragon level. Consequently, the chapter ends on a cliffhanger.

One Punch Man Chapter 177: Publication Date

Readers are speculating a lot about how Murata will tie up all the story lines. Tatsumaki was determined to murder Psykos at the institution in the webcomics. In the manga plot, she is simply acting to protect her from Tsukuyomi’s trap. Murata is obviously not following ONE’s rules. Or maybe he’s filling in some narrative gaps to make the story better.

Webcomic readers wouldn’t have anticipated Tatsumaki to approach Fubuki for assistance in order to save Psykos. In this way, the manga succeeds in humanizing her. Thankfully, Murata announced the publication date for the following issue: December 30, 2022. On January 12, 2023, One Punch Man Chapter 177 will be released again. On Viz Media, viewers may catch up on all the chapters.