One Punch Man Chapter 179 Spoilers, Publication Date & What To Expect?

Saitama has recently begun to display his full abilities in public. This time, though, he is not fighting a monster, but Tatsumaki. Saitama faces Tatsumaki for the first time at full strength in the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 179.

Tatsumaki has been at the top of the One Punchverse food chain as the most powerful esper and a hero for the longest time. But for the first time, she will feel physically and intellectually inferior.

When it comes to Saitama, everyone who has ever misjudged him in the One Punch Manga has eventually learnt their lesson, and Tatsumaki will be no exception. Fubuki still worries that Tatsumaki would injure Saitama because no one, not even her, knows Saitama’s actual strength yet.

But when this Saitama vs. Tatsumkai arc finally concludes, everyone will know for sure which hero is the superior one. Either Saitama’s true strength will be revealed to the world or Tatsumaki will devise a plan to conceal it.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

We, too, believe that the news about Saitama’s superpowers will soon spread over the globe. Saitama will whisk her away to a secluded area distant from the brand new dome in the upcoming chapter 179 of the One Punch Man manga.

Recent reports have indicated that Yusuke Murata would resume his regularly scheduled chapter releases of the One Punch Manga.

When Will Chapter 179 Of One Punch Man Be Posted?

None of the release dates listed here have been officially announced.

After Saitama overcame Garou and wasn’t given the credit he deserved, ONE and Yusuke Murata’s One Punch Man manga caused a worldwide uproar.

We anticipate that following Saitama’s victory over Tatsumaki, the world will finally learn of his entire might.

On Thursdays, Yusuke Murata typically releases new chapters of One Punch Man in English. The same thing should occur this week, as well. Based on the publication schedule over the past several weeks, we anticipate that One Punch Man Chapter 179 will be available on February 9, 2023.

Although ONE’s One Punch Man manga is available online at Shonen Jump, Yusuke Murata does not appear to have a dedicated online gallery for his work. You’ll have to do some internet searching to find OPM 179.

As with the rest of the series, the next chapter of One Piece (1074) won’t be available on the Shonen Jump website until the 12th of February.

What is known thus far about One Punch Man Chapter 179?

Until now, very little information regarding the next One Punch Man chapter has been revealed. For the first time, we are so close to the release and we know almost nothing about the new chapter. Twitter and Reddit have been our friends when it comes to early leaks and spoilers.

No one can stop a fight between Saitama and Tatsumaki if they want to have one, and no one will. For the first time, Tatsumaki will be defeated by another hero.

Tatsumaki has always protected Fubuki secretly; now that she is aware of a person who is extremely close to her, she will make sure to put him to the test or get rid of him.

Saitama, however, would not give in to her demands this time. This time, Saitama will take a firmer stance with Tatsumaki, who has repeatedly refused to accept her own faults, and force her to do so through the use of appropriate discipline.

Who Will Come Out On Top? Is It Tatsumaki Or Saitama?

The entire internet is waiting to see who will come out on top in this battle. Everyone is well aware of Saitama’s formidable strength; in fact, he has recently demonstrated the ability to traverse through time. This means that no one else in the One Punch can beat him.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

But he won’t risk a full-scale assault on Tatsumaki. When Saitama finally decides to employ even half of his might, what do you think will happen? In a battle between the strongest esper and the strongest human, anything may happen.

If they are allowed to battle, Earth as we know it will be annihilated. If Saitama cares about Earth’s survival, he will refrain from using excessive force.

Soon, the OPM raw translations for Chapter 179 will be released, at which time we will provide the confirmed spoilers. So, if you want to know what’s going on in the world, you should check Orianime often.