One Punch Man Chapter 179: Tatsumaki Vs. Saitama! Publication Date

A lot has shifted in the comic since Tatsumaki joined the tale with Saitama. The tale might go either way, according to Murata’s interpretation. His weekly output, though, is impossible to ignore. An unnoticed battle was presented in the final chapter. Yes, the topic of discussion is Tatsumaki against Saitama. A brawl might break out between the two as they continue to talk. This is a complete guide to the latest One Punch Man chapter, 179.

As previously reported, tensions between Tatsumaki and Saitama will increase. But after the previous battle, Saitama is wary of becoming involved in any devastation that may endanger innocent people. Protecting everyday people would be his first priority. Two, he’ll make an effort to resolve the conflict through dialogue. Intent on listening, Tatsumaki? Time will tell!

One Punch Man Chapter 179

One Punch Man Chapter 179: What Happens Next?

The moniker Blast is popping up everywhere in the chapter predictions discussions. As things stand, he’s set to take center stage in the next narrative. This time around, there are a lot of unanswered mysteries in One Punch Man Chapter 179. The mangaka’s rate of two chapters every week is even more astonishing. These are the telltale signs that he’s been hard at work on God Mode this month. The larger pitch involves a one-on-one meeting between Tatsumaki and Saitama.

What they were saying to one another was baffling at best. And even the last time, Tatsumaki did not appreciate Saitama and Fubuki being so close. She is concerned that the little girl could associate with an unsafe person. These two could as well be thrown together in Chapter 179 of One Punch Man. To top off this latest adventure, Blast will be making an appearance.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

Previous Chapter Summary!

“Do It Outside” was the title of Chapter 178 of One Punch Man. When we first met our heroes, they were in the headquarters of the Hero Association. And Air’s eyes were the first to open. When he looked over, he noticed Forte lying next to him, still unconscious. Butterfly DX and Chain-n-toad were seated next to him. Forte initially publicly speculated that Saitama could have some familiarity with the use of psychic abilities in this context. This is the sole explanation for his powerful spells. As a bonus, he wounds the opponent in front of him.

Meanwhile, Saitama and Tatsumaki’s relationship is slack with a touch of drama. This was due to her harsh treatment of the Blizzard Organization. Saitama objected to the application of such abilities to a group. But Tatsumaki realized right once that he was speaking with the man rumored to be Genos’ famed sidekick. In the end, the Caped Baldy has Fubuki bring everyone back to safety.

Tatsumaki, however, was not fond of the budding romance between Fubuki and Saitama. Tongue Stretcher, Man-Eating Capybara, and Beer Bellee, three formidable beings, get out of jail in the chapter’s climactic act. These three Mysterious Beings confront the heroes before vanishing once more. In the next weeks, the tale will come to a dramatic climax, and these people are vital to that ending.

Messages From Murata!

It comes as no surprise that Murata’s Nebo Kuro Twitter page is one of the most popular among manga artists using the service. However, the artist still manages to release two chapters every week. It’s disappointing that the musician has nothing new to share with his audience at the moment. The majority of the information on the next chapter appeared simultaneously with the release of the previous one.

There have been no leaks or raw scans released that reveal any information about the story. However, only a subset of the speculative notions that formed those threads have been made public. All of these folks have been gushing over Blast’s cameo in the latest episode. All of their complaints centered on his meddling in the conflict between the two main characters. Unfortunately, at this time, no new information of any substance is being provided.

One Punch Man Chapter 179

One Punch Man Chapter 179: Publication Date

The artist did not keep their fans waiting for an official drop date, which is a plus. Production on One Punch Man Chapter 179 has so been scheduled for the 8th of February, 2023. According to local time zones, the release of this chapter will occur at various times1. Now it is midnight on the East Coast. The only place to find the manga’s chapters is on OPM’s official website. When new information becomes available, we will make sure to update this area.