One Punch Man Season 3: Production Started? Likely To Release In 2024!

Looking for the latest updates on One Punch Man Season 3? Well, you have come to the right place! A year has passed since the official announcement of the new season was dropped, and there seems to be a black hole of updates from the latest season right now. But behind the scenes, a lot of hassle continues in the production studios. JC Staff sure has tough work to handle. And after the blunders of season 2, there is no room for any more mistakes. So, how soon can we expect to get the new season? Keep reading further to know more about this story!

For the background of the story, OPM is an original Web Novel that first came out in 2009. Written by ONE, this story is one of the most well-known banners of recent times. After the success of the novel, it was the manga by Jump that stole the limelight from other Shonen posters. Later, the anime by Madhouse launched in 2015 and was an instant hit. But after this, there is a burden on the shoulders of the studio to bring an interesting new season.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3: Renewal Status

One Punch Man Season 3 has been renewed twice now. But for some reason, the production or other factors keep delaying the season. For a brief context, even the second season was renewed in 2016 but was released in 2019. For the next one, the renewal announcement took place in August 2022. Even the last episode of Season 2 was quick to mention that the new season was to come back very soon. However, ‘soon’ is not the term that most fans trust anymore.

All in all, Season 3 of OPM has been renewed, and fans are desperately waiting for a trailer right now. Other than the first poster, there was no other update from any of the creators. While Murata keeps in constant touch with the creators, the same cannot be said for the anime team. As a result of this, there still is a blind spot when it comes to production.

Production Announcement!

The entire production story of One Punch Man has been a mess since the beginning. The story draws back to 2015, when the first season was released under the banner of Madhouse. With the extensive fight sequences and character designs of the show, this company was taking up tough work. Even the final product was something that received praise and attention from fans and critics alike. Quickly getting a new season renewal in September 2016 wasn’t a surprise, and everyone was happy with the picture so far.

However, a year later, the makers announced that both the director and production company were to be switched for the new season. And that was when everything shifted to JC Staff. Sources suggest that this was in light of the creative differences between the teams. With this, the second season finally got a space for a release date in 2019. But no clique of fans was happy with the animation of Season 2.

Sadly, in the list of some of the worst animated shows, the second season of One Punch Man stands tall. There have been many reasons why this happened. And so, it took the makers a lot of time to recover from this issue. Now, as we write, One Punch Man Season 3 seems to be in production already. Fans continue to discuss the extensive nature of the content ahead. The amount of design and animation that Season 3 requires is a bar for them to reach.

One Punch Man Season 3: Source Material Analysis!

Right now, more than the web novel, it is the online manga that fans continue to read each month. The current chapters of the text have been making waves all over the internet. Looking back, OPM is an original webcomic manga by ONE that came out in 2009. After that, Jump remade the same story in the form of a manga. Starting in 2012, twenty-seven volumes of the story have been released in the public domain so far. It was after this that the anime by Madhouse was announced.

So far, the first and second seasons combined have used up about 83 chapters of the manga. The pacing of both seasons has been consistent, and the adoption has stayed true to the original chronology. As for the total number of chapters, more than 160 chapters have come out in the public domain. And fans look forward to what the rest of the story holds in store with the continuing manga. All in all, it can be said that there is more than enough content for One Punch Man Season 3 and a season after this.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3: What To Expect From Next Season?

Since it has been a very long time, here is a recap of the events that have taken place so far. OPM is about the strongest protagonist in the world, named Saitama. The man has become so powerful in the world that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to cope with the fact that no one was there to pose an even stronger challenge. As a result of this, he is bored and exhausted in life. In a bid to find something interesting to do, Saitama roams from place to place.

Well, two seasons have passed, introducing new characters and newer villains, only to see that none of them are competent enough to fight the Caped Baldy. It was only in the latter episodes of the second season that we see a much more serious side of the story. The Monsters Association Arc brings an interesting twist to the story. The last battle between Garou and Bang was at the end of Season 2. And here begins the story of Bomb, who was here interfering in the fight.

For some parts of One Punch Man Season 3, there would not be any scene of Saitama or any of his friends. Right now, the monsters will be the main focus of the story. The ranking and battles of these creatures will make up for the story of Season 3. And when Saitama enters, he will be quick to dismiss all those who think that they are the most powerful. The main leader of the Monsters Association is expected to show up by the end of this season!

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More than the expected plot of the season, the fans are seen discussing the animation of One Punch Man Season 3. After creating a blunderous second season, the work on the shoulders of JC Staff is tough. Keeping up with the expectations of the fans is tough work. One user says that he has all the sympathy for the team that will be animating the latest season. The extent of hard work and creativity that Murata has put into the chapters is something that cannot be faced with injustice.

And there is no scope for any more mistakes to come in the future. Another user mentions that the entire next season will be filled up with fight scenes and action sequences. The only thing they fear is the change of studio at the last minute. Their concerns are evident and justifiable to some extent. However, there still is a chance that this season will be delayed ahead of time.

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One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date

A third season has already been announced. However, there still is time for the season to go into production and see a final release date. While the animation and production continue, the release date is eyeing a Fall release. These slates are often left up for the best of the shows to come. With this, the fall of 2024 has all the chances of bringing the season back. One Punch Man Season 3 is expected to come to Netflix. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is more update on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel right here.