One Punch Man’s Smartest Characters

Here is everything you need to know about One Punch Man’s smartest characters.


Before becoming a cyborg, Genos used to be a human being. He was driven by his desire to defeat a malevolent robot. So he decided to undergo enhancements to become a cyborg and defeat the villainous being. Genos’ body modifications allow him to fight against high-level threats.

He can be oblivious at times, but that is mainly because of his undying admiration for Saitama. Genos is usually quick to notice anything odd happening around him.

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Psykos was one of the major villains in the Monster Association arc. She took control of a puppet using her psychic abilities in order to hide her real identity. Psykos has a considerable amount of talent, but she hasn’t invested enough time to hone her skills.

As the second-highest-ranking member of the organization, Psykos had a great deal of authority. She could order other monsters around and make them carry out different tasks. Psykos’ keen intellect allows her to gauge the strength of different individuals.

Child EmperorChild Emperor

Child Emperor is the youngest S-Class hero in the series. Despite being only 10 years old, he is able to take down monsters who are physically superior to him. The reason behind his success is his extraordinary brain, which allows him to craft incredible weapons and other gadgets.

In order to make up for his lack of strength, Child Emperor fights using his weapons. With the help of his inventions, Child Emperor has taken down Demon-level threats with little to no effort.


Blast is the number one S-Class rank in the Hero Association. He has only made a handful of appearances in the story, which is mainly due to his mission to keep the planet safe.

Blast is aware of God’s existence, and he works with a special team to keep an eye on the mysterious being’s activities. In addition to his cleverness, Blast is actually physically powerful. He was able to hold his ground against Awakened Garou, whose punches emitted radiation.

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Dr. GenusDr. Genus

Dr. Genus founded the House of Evolution in order to show the world the benefits of humans evolving via mutations. When he put forward his ideas about human evolution, he was met with cold stares. So he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Dr. Genus researched for years and eventually found the secret to eternal youth. In addition to this, he also learned how to create perfect clones. He used it to create assistants who helped him all the time. Dr. Genus’ experiments also allowed him to learn about artificial mutations.