Our Dining Table Live-Action Cast, Crew, and Release Date Have Been Revealed!

Almost all information about the upcoming Our Dining Table live-action adaptation has already been made public. The film is based on the manga of the same name. Many readers have been waiting patiently for the adaptation of this stunning manga. After finishing this series, you won’t feel hungry at all. The adorableness of the show will be overwhelming. Also, don’t forget to eat while watching this real-life event. Twitter users can’t get over how adorable this show will be. Watching this charming show will put a grin on your face. So, as promised, here are the specifics of the real-life adaptation.

The manga’s original author was Mita Ori. In 2016, Gentosha’s Rutile magazine debuted the serial. The book’s one volume compilation came out in the beginning of 2017. Anime publisher Seven Seas Entertainment launched the manga in the winter of 2020. Fans all across the world adore this comic because of its charming sketch art. Since the live-action adaptation was announced, anticipation for its debut has skyrocketed. For that reason, you should read on to learn more about the series.

Our Dining Table Live-Action

Our Dining Table Live-Action: Public Announcements!

The series’ cast, crew, and premiere date were all revealed on the show’s official website. Additionally, the first major promotional image for the anime has been released. To mark the debut of the live-action series, mangaka Ori also created an image. Meanwhile, Atsuhiro Inukai plays Yutaka Hozumi and Hiroki Iijima plays Minoru Ueda as the show’s primary characters. Tane Ueda, played by Kga Maeyama, will also be joining the cast.

The series will be directed by Yo Ishibashi, Kashō Iizuka, and Naho Kamimura, and written by Yumi Shimoa and the three of them.

Our Dining Table Live-Action

What Happens In The Series?

Yutaka, a salaried guy who has trouble eating in public, is at the center of the series. Contrary to expectations, he actually has a knack for the kitchen. Having Minoru and Tane in his life makes a significant difference in his fight. The age gap between these two brothers is rather large. In order to learn from him, they inquire about cooking techniques that may provide tasty results. Once he meets them, Yutaka’s entire world spins around.

Once he realizes how much he enjoys sharing meals with them, he changes his mind. Join Yutaka, Minoru, and Tane as they watch this adorable, bittersweet, and delectable show. When compared to the original program, the anticipation for the live-action adaptation is enormous.

Our Dining Table Live-Action

Our Dining Table Live-Action: Publication Date

The first episode of the series will premiere in Japan in April. There has been no announcement of a concrete release date, though. The BS-TBS Channel in Japan will air the first episode. The odds are greatest for Spring of 2023. There will soon be more information available to foreign audiences. As soon as we get any additional information on this, we will be sure to update this area.