Queen Bee 311 Uncensored Raw Scans and Release Date

Yu Dal-li, known as Darla, wields authority over Jun-Pyo, the tenant and her boyfriend, who is also the leader of the school gang. Despite treating him like a subordinate in public, their dynamic shifts drastically when they’re alone at home. Their complex relationship, rooted in childhood friendship and influenced by their challenging family and school environments, is marked by jealousy and conflicting emotions. Continue reading for Queen Bee 311 uncensored raw scans, spoilers and release date.

Queen Bee 311 Uncensored Raw Scans and Release Date


Junnie and Darla are childhood friends with a complex dynamic. At school, Darla holds power over Junnie as the leader of the school gang. She bullies and belittles him. When they’re alone at home (Darla’s father is rarely present), their relationship shifts. They become intimate and have a secret, passionate connection. The story explores the emotional complexities of their relationship, navigating jealousy, power struggles, family issues, and societal pressures. Junnie receives a scholarship to attend a prestigious school in Seoul, creating distance and uncertainty.

Darla faces personal struggles with her father and the school gang dynamics. Throughout the story, their connection deepens, but challenges and obstacles threaten their bond.

The manhwa delves into mature themes like bullying, domestic abuse, and sexual relationships. It explores the dark side of human nature and the impact of power dynamics on relationships. The ending remains open to interpretation, leaving readers to ponder the future of Junnie and Darla.

Release date for Chapter 311

Queen Bee chapter 311 official release date has been set for March 17, 2024. Queen Bee 311 uncensored raw scans will be out on 15 March 2024. Details about upcoming chapters will be revealed in March 2024, following the weekly release schedule.

  • Pacific Standard Time: March 17, 4:00 AM
  • Central European Time: March 17, 1:00 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: March 17, 4:30 PM
  • Philippines Standard Time: March 17, 5:00 PM
  • Singapore Standard Time: March 17, 5:00 PM
  • Japanese Standard Time: March 17, 8:00 PM

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Recap of chapter 310

Queen Bee Chapter 310: Twisted Bonds and Hidden Fears

Dali’s defiance escalates in this chilling chapter. Despite Pyo’s pressure, she refuses to confront their captive, a woman bearing the marks of past violence. This victim’s pleas, laced with hidden contradictions, hint at a complex dynamic.

Left alone, Dali confesses her warped affection for Pyo, admitting a mix of love and possessiveness that fuels her tolerance for his brutality. Meanwhile, Pyo seeks twisted redemption through art, painting the woman with a disturbing blend of tenderness and cruelty. The completed portrait exposes her vulnerability, shattering her former façade.

Pyo’s past demons awaken at the sight of the captive, forcing him to issue a chilling warning for her to leave. This encounter resonates with Dali, their nightmares intertwining as they grapple with their own inner darkness. The chapter concludes with a looming sense of danger, their “malevolent goals” casting a long shadow over their twisted bond.

Things about Dajung

  • Dajung’s mixed feelings for Pyo: Her confession of love and possessiveness despite his violence might suggest she hides deeper motivations or complexities related to their relationship.
  • Pyo’s past traumas: Dajung might be aware of or involved in Pyo’s past traumas, keeping this knowledge a secret for various reasons.
  • “Malevolent goals”: If Dajung is complicit in these goals, she likely hides her true intentions and involvement.
  • Dajung’s visit to the old school: If this event is mentioned in Chapter 307, it could hold clues about secrets related to her past, identity, or motivations.

Exploring Possibilities:

  • Secrets about Pyo: Dajung might know more about Pyo’s violent tendencies, their origins, or his motivations. Maybe she hides this knowledge to protect someone, manipulate him, or for her own gain.
  • Secrets about herself: Dajung’s past experiences, true feelings, or connection to the “malevolent goals” could be hidden secrets. Perhaps she has a hidden agenda or double life.
  • Secrets about others: Dajung might possess information about other characters, their involvement in the story, or their vulnerabilities, keeping it hidden for strategic reasons.