Rail Romanesque, Short Anime Series, Announces Second Season

Rail Romanesque, a short anime about locomotives and railords, has just announced an upcoming second season! If you like long journeys on trains with the fresh air caressing your face, you will definitely like this cute anime.

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Trains, cute railords, and gorgeous sceneries, this anime has it all! Adapted from the Maitetsu series, Rail Romanesque packs quite a few incredible moments in its 5-minute run time.

The staff of Rail Romanesque have announced a second season for the short anime series. However, the release date has not been confirmed yet.

A new character is being included in the anime’s second season. Kaniko, who will be based on the C11202 steam locomotive, will add to the cute ensemble of railords.

Rie Tanaka will be voicing Kaniko. She has previously voiced Akira Yamamoto in Star Blazers 2199 and 2202.

The first season of Rail Romanesque consisted of 12 short 5 minutes episodes. It premiered on 2nd October 2020, and both Crunchyroll and Funimation stream the anime.

The series is being animated by studio Setta. The cast and staff are reprising their roles from the first season.

Maitetsu, the original visual novel which inspired Rail Romanesque, was developed by Lose. The game first launched in Japan in 2016, and later it was launched for Playstation in 2018.

The game’s backgrounds and settings became a base for the anime series.

Rail Romanesque, Short Anime Series, Announces Second Season
Rail Romanesque | Source: Official Website

In the game, players are transported to a world where railroads are the most convenient and popular means of transport. Locomotives are paired with humanoid modules called Railords.

Players assume the role of Sotetsu, who reawakens a railord and tries to save his home town from pollution caused by factories and aircrafts.

About Rail Romanesque

Adapted from the Maitetsu visual novel by Lose, Rail Romanesque is a collection of 12 episodes of 5 minutes duration each.

The story is about an orphan boy who accidentally wakes up a Railroad.

The lord and the boy then team up to save the town from water pollution and other dangers that threaten the human world.

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