Ranking of the Top 5 Chainsaw Man Characters.

Even though it may seem like every character in the Chainsaw Man series is superior in some way, these are the strongest of the bunch. Read on to find out who we think are the top five most formidable characters from Chainsaw Man and why they earned those positions.

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1. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man has vanquished foes who were significantly more powerful than he was at the time. Through his agreement with Pochita, Denji has gained access to the highest quality skills available. However, the strength of an individual user also depends on how well they are able to keep their sanity under control. According to Kishibe, if a Devil Hunter is sane, they have a greater risk of being killed.

However, if the users have a few “loose screws,” they will do just fine in this game of life and death. Denji is the most potent protagonist in both Devil Hunters and Chainsaw Man because he has the most dangling threads.

2. Darkness DevilRanking of the Top 5 Chainsaw Man Characters.

Darkness The Devil is the most terrifying of the Chainsaw Men because his body is composed of several human cadavers. It’s a supernatural entity that exploits people’s natural aversion to the night to grow stronger. The Darkness Devil only needs to look at a person to cause severe injury or even death.

It has several chants it can use to completely destroy the bodies of its victims. Darkness Devil’s most lethal weapon is the Black Sword. A single flick of the wrist is all it takes to dispatch an opponent with the telekinetically controlled sword.

3. MakimaRanking of the Top 5 Chainsaw Man Characters.

Makima isn’t just the smart one; she’s also the one with impressive supernatural abilities. One can be easily duped by her cunning and manipulation. Her interactions with Denji, the human who becomes her pet, are the best illustration of her cunning. Fans started comparing Makima’s terrifying antics to those of Sosuke Aizen from Bleach or Griffith from Berserk.

4. Gun DevilRanking of the Top 5 Chainsaw Man Characters.

After hearing horror stories about Gun Devil, Makima begs Denji to put an end to it, promising a reward of any kind in exchange. Around 1.2 million people could have been killed in just five minutes. Its body is made up of various lethal assault rifles like the AK-47, M16A1, MK18, and M4 Carbines, while its head is topped with the barrel of a M1911.

With unrivaled accuracy, the Gun Devil takes down its foes. The Gun Devil’s metal shell protects it from the elements, and the animal’s incredible speed causes some of its tissues to catch fire.

5. Santa ClausRanking of the Top 5 Chainsaw Man Characters.

Christmas Tree Cut Off by Santa with a Chainsaw The name “man” makes Man sound more pleasant than it actually is. Truth be told, Santa Claus is revealed to be a woman with dark hair and a mole under her eye. However, it’s not at all clear if she’s the real deal. Due to her extraordinary abilities, Santa Claus is completely mysterious.

The ability to make dolls is one of Santa’s most notable skills. With a single touch, she can turn anyone into an obedient servant of her will. However, she must be physically close to the dolls in order to direct them. By putting her mind into one of her dolls, she can live on indefinitely.