Read One Piece Chapter 1100 Raw Scans and Spoilers: Kuma’s Past

The chapter continues with Kuma taking on the army of King Bekori, single-handedly. This incident is known as the solo revolution of the sorbet kingdom, and Bekori escapes once again. Read about One Piece Chapter 1100 spoilers and predictions.

The people force Kuma to be the king of the country since they all love and trust Kuma. Even after becoming the King, Kuma lives in the old church in the countryside. Meanwhile, on Mariejoa, Saint Saturn feels something strange that the old king was thrown off.

As Kuma is resting in the church with the village people, we see a grown-up Bonney. Everyone looks shocked thinking that it’s Ginny. Grown-up Bonney runs around building energy for the day she can travel around the world and see the horizon. King of Sobert visits Kuma to tell him of the consequences he will have to face.

One Piece Chapter 1100 Raw Scans

Kuma is shown a news article, showing him as a tyrant, a person who overthrew the king by force and violence. King Bulldog also says that Bekori is backed by the government and is preparing battleships somewhere. Kuma places Bonney in his hands to keep her safe as he goes to face Bekori.

Naturally, Kuma destroyed the navy ships along with Bekori in the battle. This attracted attention and a bounty was placed on him. Kuma flees the scene in search of medicine for Bonney’s disease. He ends up at Dragon’s place, once again. Dragon tells him about Dr. Vegapunk and advises him to meet up with him.

Kuma takes Bonney to vegapunk and there’s still hope. Vegapunk says that he will use a medical technology that he hasn’t released for public use yet. In return, he asks Kuma for his permission to create clones and create an army, to which Kuma agrees. Vegapunk calls him a saint, Kuma, however, calls himself a pacifist rather than a saint

When and where to read One Piece Chapter 1100

The release dates and times of the next chapter for different time zones are out. Fans can read One Piece Chapter 1100 will be released on 3 December 2023.

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You can read the latest chapters for free on the Shonen jump app or Viz media online. Stay tuned for the next chapter. While you wait have a look at Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 244.

One Piece Chapter 1100 raw scans

The raw scans are out and the internet is blowing up with the discussions on the next chapter. The next chapter is titled “Thank you bonney!” and is set to release next week. Here are some spoilers and predictions based on the currently available scans and information.

One Piece Chapter 1100 spoilers

Saturn forces Vegapunk to erase Kuma’s memory:

We know that kuma is a shichibukai, but it was not a duty he chose to do. It was forced on him. Saturn offers Kuma a deal: if he cooperates with the government and works for them, Bonney will be saved. He accepts the condition and Bonney’s treatment begins. Later, the government announces Kuma as the Shichibukai.

Who are the Buccaneers?

Sure Buccaneers are strong and are the slaves to the celestial dragons, but why are they so important? The Buccaneer race is nearly extinct and the few alive are against the government or the slaves. Are they extinct because of their strong belief in Nika?

Do they have ties with the old kingdom that existed 800 years ago? If this is a reason then the government might be annihilating everyone who had ties or trying to know about the void century. We expect future chapters to address this. Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5 leaves us in at a similar cliffhanger, you will have to read to find out!

Does Vegapunk really erase all of Kuma’s memories?

This is a questionable theory although worth discussion. Fans might remember Kuma was not completely brainwashed when he watched over Thousand Sunny. What really happened after that? Vegapunk created the perfect clone army and named them after Kuma’s personality. Are all Pacifistas really under the government’s watch?

Vegapunk wanted to create a strong army for a good reason, but Saturn wanted that to be in favor of the Government and its errands. It is highly possible that Vegapunk suppressed Kuma’s memories and made it look like he is brainwashed. There might be a failsafe or some trigger event that might help Kuma to regain his memories.

Kuma visits Luffy in Foosha village:

Based on the raw scans, the chapter ends with Kuma in Foosha village. What’s the reason for his visit? Obviously, it would not be for Ace since he is already on the seas as a pirate. Luffy is yet to set out on his journey. Was Kuma keeping an eye on Luffy? Does Kuma know about the game-game no mi and its user? We have to wait and see

Kizaru :

Kizaru’s character is a goofy character who takes nothing seriously. This arc, however, bought out the serious side of the vice admiral. Is he really the bad guy in the story or is he just following orders. Even Garp is something like this. He is portrayed as a bad guy but has good intentions. We can be wrong but the raw scans are giving us hope. Kizaru dances with Bonney and Sentomaru on egghead island during Bonney’s treatment. Maybe he will help the Strawhats in some way by playing a two-sided game.

The next two chapters might also be about Kuma’s past and we can expect the manga to return back to egghead island with Kuma returning to help Stawhats (once again) and save Bonney.

Stay tuned will all of One Piece with Orianime.

-Written by Rishwik Talluri