Record Of Ragnarok Season 3: Returning In 2024? CHECKOUT Here

Already looking for Record Of Ragnarok Season 3? Well, no need to look around over the entire internet because we have got all the answers for the next season! Very recently, the first part of the second season was released, and the fans want to see more of this hit story. Even though the first season was not close to being the hit show that it could have been. However, the second season was here to say that not all of the hope was lost. So, here is everything you need to know about the season coming forth!

For some background, the Record of Ragnarok was an interesting manga released in 2017. Written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui, this manga has been released in the Monthly Comic Zenon since then. So far, there are a total of 18 volumes in the text. The anime by Studio Graphinica came out in July 2021 and was left for a new studio to take up. This studio was the Yumeta Company. And now, the fans look forward to the Record Of Ragnarok Season 3 release date!

Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Record Of Ragnarok Season 3: Renewed Or Not?

With the first season releasing on July 17, 2021, RoR became the spot of talk for a lot of fans. Some of the debate was to praise the season, and the rest of it was under the controversies that the show was the center of. After finally getting banned in India, the show still continued with the animation work. This is where we get to find that the second season has a release date of January 26, 2023. The season is listed for 15 episodes to be released in two parts. And the second part was slated for July 12, 2023.

The precise reason for this quirky shift has not been explained in any of the cases. But now, both the fans and the manga readers continue to wait for the next chapter. As for Record Of Ragnarok Season 3, this new season has not been renewed for the coming time. But that certainly does not mean that the third season will not be taking place.

Will There Be A New Season?

All ten of the episodes from Season 2 have come out, and the reception seems to be better than that of the first season. Not in terms of the storyline, but the first season had a lot to be changed for the direction and animation. With the poor screenplay, the season failed to bring a vested interest in the story. However, there still was a good reception for the story that it got a new season. Speaking in terms of numbers, the latest season got a score of 6.4 stars out of 10.

And the MAL scores of the show are also under the same umbrella. The current number is 6.7 stars out of 10. More than 150k fans have given this collective rating. But there was a slight improvement in the numbers when the second season hit the floors. All in all, there have been shows that were renewed despite the poor collection and poor ratings of the show. In that case, these are very good numbers to seek the renewal of Season 3!

Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Production Updates!

The first season was animated by Studio Graphinica back in 2021. But heeding the criticism that the animation of the first season got, there was a need to change things for Season 2. That was when the name Yumeta Company was pitched for Season 2. And the rest is history. But will this company get ready for another season to come after this? Here is a brief history of this animation company. Better known as TYO Animations Inc., this production has only been working since 2009.

Some of the notable works of the show are Muv-Luv Alternative and Cue. And after that, the second season of ROR did wonders for the makers. But does that mean that the same company will be working on Record Of Ragnarok Season 3 as well? The chances are high. However, the production seems not to have begun so far. With the second part yet to come to the floors, there will be time until Season 3 begins the animation work right now.

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Reddit & Other Discussions

More than anything, fans seem to be discussing the plot and animation of the second season on Reddit and similar platforms. While a lot of manga fans believe that the season does not do justice to the manga in any way possible, there are fans who think otherwise. For them, the first season was far worse than what they had been expecting. And thus, there was a significant shift in the story from where it had started.

One of the users mentioned that the second season had far better content than that of the first one. Thus, the Redditor was happy with the route that the show had been taking. But they were not hopeful that there would come a path-breaking shift in the contents of the following seasons, especially Record Of Ragnarok Season 3.

Is There Enough Source Material?

There is no doubt about the fact that RoR manga garners more popularity than anime. For some frame of reference, the manga first came out on November 25, 2017. The text kept publishing chapters in the Monthly Comic Zenon after that. So far, eighteen volumes have come out in the story so far. In terms of chapters, the two seasons have used only 44 chapters in total. The anime has been using an average of two chapters per episode.

Thus, by the end of Season 2, Part 2, the adaptation will end in Chapter 48. This only means that there is more than enough source material left for the season to come after this. In addition, the next season will start in Chapter 49 of the text. Here is what you can expect from the next season to be there in the storylines coming forth!

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Record Of Ragnarok Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

Starting in Season 2 Part 2, fans saw a story featuring Buddha’s Betrayal. In the remains of the last five episodes, the fight between Buddha and Zerofuku/Hajun came to an end. Without spoiling the plot, the victory came after a long-stretched fight. And it was interesting to see how the losing side would react to the inevitable loss that they all had. This fight will be followed by the next one that is lined for Record Of Ragnarok Season 3.

This will be between King Qin Shi Huang and the God King of the Underworld, known as Hades. Most of the season and story will be lost in the introduction and back story of these two characters. But what will come forth will be much more interesting. The fight between the two kings would be one of the most exciting watches for the fans. While Qin Shin Huang believes in righteous acts and providing as little harm as possible, something else is brewing for Hades.

The King of the Underworld is here to seek revenge for the loss of his brother. And thus, the most lethal fight of the entire competition will open up in Record Of Ragnarok Season 3.

Record Of Ragnarok Season 3: Release Date

At the time of writing, there seems to be no update on the show’s return. It will take some time for the anime to go to the floors and then come back with a new season. With the second part of the second season already out, fans can expect to see the third season very soon. 2025 is the year that has all the chances of seeing Record Of Ragnarok Season 3. However, it must be noted that these are mere speculations, and an official update is yet to hit the floors.

This section will be updated as soon as there is any more detail on this. Your only work is to keep an eye on The Anime Daily for the latest confirmations. And so, stay tuned.