Release Date, Raw Images & Other Information for My Hero Academia Chapter 389

In My Hero Academia Chapter 389, Endeavour and his family did their best to prevent the explosion, but it still went off, and we haven’t witnessed the wreckage yet because Shoto has only just arrived. Continue reading to find out more.

In the prior chapter, we saw the identification of All for One spies, Kendo’s immobilization of them, and her subsequent disclosure to the other heroes that the spies had tampered with the system. The heroes then began bringing the surface population to safety. The evacuees were assisted by UA robots as well. Although the general public had been warned not to look at Dabi, the Todoroki family did just that.

My Hero Academia Chapter 389

Fearing about his sister, Rei rode a robot and commanded Natsu to keep her safe. She gave the robot her directions to Dabi, and off they went. After the memory faded, we caught sight of the melted robot in the current day. Even Rei, who was calling out for Toya as her face burned, was frantic. As far as Endeavor was concerned, Rei was shielding herself and Toya with ice.

When she got too close, Endeavour warned her that the high temperatures may be fatal. Rei followed up by predicting the same fate for them. Toya was saying something to her mother when Natsu and Fuyumi showed up. Then, Natsu had a flashback to when he and Toya were younger and playing together. Toya’s body has reached its physical limit, and his efforts to continue will not bear fruit. At the chapter’s end, Toya, now a grown woman, is seen in a vision wearing Dabi’s jacket.

My Hero Academia 389 Publication Date

This coming Sunday, May 21st, 2023, sees the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 389. This week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will have the chapter along with other titles. If you’re interested in reading more WSJ manga, you can check out our homepage.

My Hero Academia Chapter 389 Publication Date21st May 2023
My Hero Academia Chapter 389 Raw Scans Release17th May 2023

My Hero Academia Chapter 389 Raw Scans

The raw scans for My Hero Academia Chapter 389 are now available. The Todoroki family was helpless to prevent the explosion, as evidenced by this chapter.

The Todoroki family did everything they could, yet the bomb still went off
The Todoroki family did everything they could, yet the bomb still went off

The look on Endeavor's face says it all
The look on Endeavor’s face says it all

Uraraka's war against Twice duplicates continues
Uraraka’s war against Twice duplicates continues

Shoto appeared there.
Shoto appeared there

My Hero Academia Chapter 389 Spoilers

  • Title of the Chapter – Relief and Prayers.
  • The chapter opens with a bang, literally.
  • According to police at HQ, the rate at which the temperature is rising has slowed.
  • Since the temperature is still high enough to cause an explosion, this is irrelevant.
  • Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo are all using ice as a weapon.
  • Then, we switch to Dabi’s point of view as he becomes aware of the audience’s gaze.
  • The next thing he wonders is why, if it’s so simple, it hasn’t happened sooner.
  • Meanwhile, Tiger has ordered the heroes to leave the area.
  • Uraraka is still engaged in battle with Toga in her Twice form.
  • The Masegaki children have joined the United Autobots. On a tablet, they witnessed the bomb going off.
  • The news crew follows the action from above in a helicopter.
  • Prayers are being offered by people everywhere.
  • Then, Shoto and Iida can be seen speeding through the air at incredible velocities.
  • As a follow-up, Shoto uses his Phosphor technique.

My Hero Academia Chapter 389

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Manga can be read legally for free in two different methods. It is available on the Viz Media website or the Manga Plus website or app developed by Shueisha in Japan. The most recent updates to your favorite manga can be found in these places. The full manga is available for a fee.

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