Release Information & Plot For Weak Hero Chapter 225: Gerard Jin’s “Smash!”

The Weak Heroes are infiltrating the underworld gradually. Who’s in charge here? One of our primary characters has previously trained several thugs. The route won’t be easy, and there are many obstacles to overcome. Furthermore, in Weak Hero Chapter 225, a decision needs to be made. Does he wish to assist his friend? Only the subsequent chapter will make clear. However, it is evident that he will make other people’s lives miserable. Read on to discover more.

The conflict between Donald Goon and Gerard Jin will be the main theme of the upcoming tale. They are already familiar with Jin and his methods, so it won’t be unfamiliar to them. But as Jin must decide with whom to stay, things will quickly get chaotic for him. The prospect of him going up against his tribe will be exciting.

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What Will Take Place Next In Weak Hero Chapter 225?

The next chapter will be explosive because Gerard Jin has arrived at last. He has a weaker relationship with Gary and Rowan, but he loves deeply about Eugene. For many reasons, the conflict is now personal. There is also Gary, who is close with Eugene. They will now do whatever to give criminals a lesson. But since Gerard Jin is present and they are aware of his combat prowess, the goons are already terrified.

It is obvious that half of them will withdraw since they don’t want to sustain serious injuries. However, some will charge and attack. Soon there will be violence, but Gary will order Rowan to remove Eugene from the situation while they make sure no one gets close to them. Rowan makes the decision to flee as quickly as possible because the scenario terrifies him. Wolf will soon join them and start causing problems for others. The Donald team will be forced to flee because there will be a lot of blood on the streets.

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A Brief Recap

Dongha Baek previously unwinded in Weak Hero Chapter 224 when Seongmok Do joined him. He now understood that he could defeat his adversaries with a single punch with the aid of Seongmok. He underestimated his rival, though. Even though the Donald duo overcame the Mokha duo, Wolf Keum’s situation was unique. He was aware of his opponent’s abilities, but instead of falling for their ploy, he devised a response that shocked everyone. While both Donalds were still in shock, they persisted in attacking him. It soon devolved into a two-on-one conflict.

Wolf Keum, however, was prepared for it and attacked Dongha Baek viciously while mocking Seongmok Do and his abilities. Although Dongha Baek was knocked out, Seongmok Do continued to pound Wolf in the face. Seongmok Do abruptly stopped punching Wolf as he understood something was strange about him and that he wasn’t like his typical foe. Even his most effective strikes had no effect on this person. Rowan and Eugene discovered themselves encircled by thugs in the meantime. However, Gerard Jin saved them in time, putting pressure on the goons.

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Release Date For Chapter 225 Of Weak Hero

When Jin joins them, the group will finally breathe a sigh of relief. However, Jin will face certain difficulties as a result. The 225th chapter of Weak Hero will be released on December 24, 2022. It will be accessible on the Kakao page and Naver Webtoon.