Revenger Episode 3: Blood For Blood! Plot & Publication Date

Raizo reluctantly joins Usui’s exclusive organization out of a desire to make up for his sins. He has made it his goal to find justice and correct wrongs. Raizo is attempting to keep his thoughts from wandering by fully immersing himself in the perilous duties at hand. Is this a healthy alternative to therapy? Find out when it will air and what will happen in Revenger Season 3 Episode 3 right here.

In the upcoming third episode of Revenger, Raizo will begin to settle into his new profession. But will Raizo come to regret his decision as time goes on? The criminal underground is a harsh environment. And he will see the light quite quickly. So read on to find out the rest of the story!

Revenger Episode 3

Revenger Episode 3: What Happens Next?

Season 3, episode 3 of Revenger is titled “Fortune’s Fickleness.” For a crazy voyage of vengeance and redemption, Raizo will join forces with Usui’s gang. He is still dealing with the repercussions of his past decisions. Instead of dwelling on this, though, he immerses himself in his new duties. Seemingly, he is on a mission to atone for his wrongdoings by meting out retribution to those who deserve it least.

Warning: Revenger Episode 3 may have some unexpected developments when Soji’s history with Inohachi is revealed. Also, the strange nun in Usui’s church shouldn’t be taken lightly. There’s a chance that she may be the missing piece that sets everything in motion. There will be an increased sense of suspense in the next few episodes since they will expand upon information shown in earlier flashbacks.

Revenger Episode 3

A Quick Summary!

Ep. 2 of Revenger was titled “Gold Opens Any Door.” In this episode, Raizo, the protagonist, learned about the secret activities of Usui and his squad. Raizo, devastated by his loss of family and friends, faced a decision. He had also lost his loved ones, so he was understandably miserable. Even still, he felt an overwhelming need to seek revenge for their passing. After a surprising change of events, Usui contacted him and explained the motivations for the Revengers’ mission. Raizo was granted an invitation to join their clan, which he graciously accepted.

During this time, a woman named Mana came for aid from Usui and his group to get revenge for the wrongs done to her. But it was eventually made clear that she had passed away in the episode. Those responsible were the ones she came to report. Usui forced Raizo to complete the assignment in her honor despite her tragic death. With each other’s help, they were able to carry out their assassination and satisfy their need for vengeance. Raizo has never killed before.

Revenger Episode 3

Revenger Episode 3: Publication Date

The third installment of Revenger will premiere on January 19, 2023. Lacking a time machine of your own? OK, no sweat! See it first on Crunchyroll or be left in the dust like a discarded bento box.