Ryoumen Sukuna’s VA Joins Heaven Official’s Blessing Japanese Dub Cast!

Those who consume yaoi content know just how hard it is to resist every new BL manga or anime that comes out. And just as you’re about to run out of yaoi anime, Heaven Official’s Blessing comes as your knight in shining armor!

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This Chinese animation or donghua recently announced its Japanese dub version, and fans couldn’t be happier. I mean, Levi Ackerman’s voice actor from Attack on Titan plays the main character, so we are obviously going insane already.

Heaven Official’s Blessing had fans delighted when they announced the additional cast for the Japanese dubbed version premiering on July 4.

We got them listed right here and some of your favorites might be there!

Additional cast information announced

Junichi Suwabe #Pei Min

Pei Shu #Toshiki Masuda

Half Moon (Banyue) #Kana Hanazawa


#Heaven Official’s Gift Anime

#Heaven Official’s Gift

English Translation, Twiter Translate

A new synopsis has also been released on the official website.

CharacterCast Other Works
Pei MinJunichi SuwabeRyoumen Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Pei ShuToshiki MasudaEijiro Kirishima (My Hero Academia)
Ban YueKana HanazawaMitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)

The main cast announced previously had some of the well-known names of the industry and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Sora Amamiya’s Angelic Voice Adorns Heaven Official’s Blessing Donghua ED

A trailer was also revealed in the Japanese dub, which revealed the opening and ending themes for the show.

The OP is ‘The kiss of Jiyu’ (Jiu no kuchi dzuke) by the visual kei band Sid, and the ED is Sora Amamiya’s ‘Furisia.’

The story is based in ancient China, when people had local Gods and deities. Xie Lian, a former prince, was the ultimate deity for the people of his kingdom, but bad luck followed him everywhere.

That was until he met Hua Cheng. The notorious ghost king Cheng took a liking to Lian and started being protective towards him instinctively.

For the English watchers, Funimation has got you covered! You can enjoy the English subbed version on Funimation.

There is a lot of action, comedy, and drama making it the perfect show for everyone to watch. The animation is just so aesthetic and captivating, you just can’t help and fall in love with it.

The chemistry between Xie Lian and Hua Cheng is one you do not want to miss out on! 

About Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official’s Blessing is a Chinese BL novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. It has been adapted into a donghua which released in October 2020.

The story focuses on Xie Lian, a heavenly official who has been banished 2 times already. On his third ascension, he is sent on missions to the mortal realm.

Here, he meets San Lang, a fearsome ghost king in disguise. As their interactions increase and both are attracted to each other, Xie Lian realizes just how much their fates and past are intertwined.

Source: Heaven Official’s Blessing Website

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