Shadow Eliminators Manga: Shonen Jump’s New Jujutsu Kaisen

Shadow Eliminators is a new manga that was recently released, it is written by Kento Amemiya. The manga highliy popular because of its many genres it offers including action, drama, comedy, mystery, supernatural, and more. For more information keep reading. 

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Plot of Shadow Eliminators

The manga begins as a rumor about two boys who wander into a black spring and one of the brothers peaks into his own shadow where he gets possessed by a shadow demon called “Kasane”, after which the story moves onto a girl who is seated in a classroom where she has drawn a picture but cannot remember how she did it. This girl ends up meeting our protagonist “Aoba” who helps her in getting rid of the Kasane. 

Post this we see Aoba joining a school and meeting “Asakaze” who happens to be the sidekick of the protagonist, helping him along the way in getting rid of the Kasane and healing people. 

Fan Reactions and Review

Some people have gone around to call Shadow Eliminators the next Jujutsu Kaisen in the making as the plot and storyline are almost similar and the movement of the story is proceeding in the same way. 

Shonen Jump has brought Shadow Eliminators under its wings and if Shadow Eliminators goes well, it could actually be considered the next Jujutsu Kaisen. Another manga series that took the fans by storm is the Hunter X Hunter game.

Similarities between Jujutsu Kaisen and Shadow Eliminators

Similar to Jujutsu Kaisen, Shadow Eliminators has taken a powerless yet never-to-run-away when help is needed person and paired them with an extremely strong person. The difference between this is that Aoba is a person who is already possessed by a Kasane but can control it and use it to help him slay other Kasane who intend to cause harm and danger, whereas Yuji Itadori is possessed by Sukuna and cannot control him. 

The power difference has yet to be determined in the manga where Jujutsu Kaisen has shown the power of negative curses and how they affect the people and the living, Shadow Eliminators have only just begun and the Kasane is shown as seen to be weak enough for only one person to kill them without any difficulty. 

Where to read Shadow Eliminators

Shadow Eliminators can be read on multiple online websites and applications such as Webtoon, MangaPlus, viz anime, Crunchyroll, Shonen Jump, and many more. 

Shadow Eliminators was released on the 4th of December, the second chapter on the 10th of December, and on the 18th of Dec the third chapter was released, based on this information it would be appropriate to believe that Shadow Eliminators gets released weekly on Sunday or Monday. 

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