Shigaraki And AFO Fusion In Chapter 379 Of My Hero Academia? Date Of Release & Spoilers

After the excitement of the last episode, My Hero Academia Chapter 379 is back. La Brava reappears as a partner. There is uproar among supporters at the comeback. In addition, chapter 378 concentrated on the UA incident. Additionally, All Might left the room with a luggage. Shigaraki also manages to escape. Deku is also informed by him that he would always be the bad guy. The following chapter, however, will cover some unanticipated developments. AFO will be taken back in charge of several characters’ bodies. The spoilers for the upcoming chapter are all included here.

There are still many days before the publication of the next chapter. However, the series is already buzzing on social media thanks to fans. Readers can’t keep still because of the forthcoming chapter’s spoilers. In addition, supporters are still confused regarding the history of Shirakumo and Shigaraki. In the following chapter, there will be a lot to learn. Continue reading to learn more without wasting any more of your time.

My Hero AcademiaChapter 379 Of My Hero Academia: What Will Come Next?

“Hopes” will be the title of My Hero Academia Chapter 379. It will depict Nagant attempting to enter Deku’s fighting zone. Nagant will say “thank you” to Hawks and Deku right now. She wants to repay the group. She successfully exacts revenge when she shoots Shigaraki’s other hand off. Deku discovers that it is actually her hand, though. AFO is screaming internally at the same moment, hating Nagant. His mouth suddenly starts to spew out fingers. Shigaraki’s voice is heard from AFO, who declares that his scheme to use Shigaraki as bait for All Might and One For All has fallen through. In addition, he claims that by holding his “origin” in his heart, he is able to claim his body. He can carry out this action undetected by AFO.

Shigaraki is later brought by Deku to prepare for their decisive battle. Shigaraki further cautions Deku that the only thing that will save him is his origin. Additionally, AFO directs Kurogiri to save him. Kurogiri, though, begins to malfunction. Shirakumo’s origin is also apparent from his mumbling about his friends’ names and locations. Once he seizes hold of his origin and reclaims his body, Shirakumo will at last make a comeback.

My Hero AcademiaRecap Of The Prior Chapter

The fourth installment of The Story Of How We All Became Heroes was covered in My Hero Academia Chapter 378. Aizawa and Monoma are killed by Twice’s clones. La Brava also assists the protagonists in the chapter when breaking into Skeptic’s servers. Additionally, Skeptic tries to transform his machines into people before escaping. La Brava nevertheless notifies the nearest heroes of his locations. Then, Skeptic is captured by Ms. Joke, Hound Dog, and Shindo. A crash course also secures the UA fortress. American jets are apparently considering attacking some of the clones at the same time.

Using the Gently Super Love ability to prevent the UA’s fortress from collapsing, Mandalay informs everyone. Deku understands that Gentle is to blame. He is prepared to take on Shigaraki. Shigaraki cannot touch the ground, according to Daigoro Bonjo, who also makes an appearance. A gun then slips through Tomura’s grasp. Deku discovers Nagant at the UA perched atop a tall structure. Shigaraki is the target of her shooting.

My Hero AcademiaChapter 379 Of My Hero Academia: Release Date

On January 29, 2023, at midnight JST, a new chapter will be published. It will be readable on the official Shueisha web channels. So make sure you read the next episode as soon as it is available.