Shinomiya vs. Kaiju 15 In Chapter 79 Of Kaiju No 8! Plot & Date Of Release

Shinomiya battles the Kaiju 15 alone as five monster giants cause the entire globe to quake beneath their feet. There is no backup in sight, and the future of the military is in jeopardy. And in order to take on Kaiju 15 head-on, she needs to dive deep and rely on her inner power. Can Shinomiya triumph? Or will the monster claim another more casualty? The plot and publication date for Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 are provided below.

Shinomiya and Kaiju 15 will square off the next time in Kaiju No 8. The military’s nerve center is Shinomiya. She continues to fall short, though. Continue reading to learn more!

Kaiju No 8Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79: What Will Occur After That?

The next chapter’s title has not yet been released. Against the powerful Kaiju No 15, Kikoru will square off in Chapter Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79. Despite her best attempts, she won’t be able to win the conflict and will be brought dangerously close to losing. When things become very bad, Kafka will step in and join Kikoru in the battle against the Kaiju. The odds will be against them, though, as Kaiju Nos. 8 and 9 also join the fray, making it a three-on-two fight.

For Kikoru and Kafka, the combined power of the three Kaiju will be too much to bear. And they’ll be pushed over their breaking point. Kikoru will unearth a previously untapped strength within herself, releasing the full potential of her suit, just as all hope seems lost. She will gain strength and move forward, defeating Kaiju No. 15 in a titanic struggle. Kikoru will be able to fight one of the five active Kaiju thanks to her newly discovered strength.

Kaiju No 8A Brief Recap

Everyone was startled and terrified when five enormous creatures first appeared in Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 78. Six troops were killed when Kaiju 15 attacked Shinomiya’s battalion. Shinomiya, however, managed to flee the assault. Shinomiya came to understand that the monsters’ true intention was not to destroy the base but rather to separate the soldiers and murder them when they were all by themselves. Thus, the most powerful military force would be weakened. Shinomiya was now left alone and forced to fight the beast alone since she had no support.

Shinomiya, however, was certain that someone always appeared to save her when she was in peril. She was brave and prepared to take on 15 by herself. She even gave up a large portion of her final unit in order to aid the other commanders. Hoshina was charged with finding Kaiju 11, Narumi with finding Kaiju 12, Rin Shinonome with finding Kaiju 13, and Mina with finding Kaiju 14. Shinomiya began the conflict with 15.

Kaiju No 8Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79: Launch Date

On February 2, 2023, Kaiju No 8 Chapter 79 will be available. The chapter airs to viewers on Thursday. It will be released on Jump+ by Shueisha. Keep returning to this website for new updates.